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What are the most frequent questions asked during a work visa interview ?

visa interview question


Most of the visa interviews are difficult to clear in one go. Whether you are applying for a work visa, visitor visa or study visa, the interviewer will bombard you with some major questions to recognise your motive and intent of travelling abroad. Remember, the immigration interviews purpose is to verify the information provided by you in the application and how much you know about the country you are immigrating to.


This is the part where most of the candidates feel the need for assistance. Therefore, we experience a lot of queries regarding visa interview questions. And we understand your desire to excel, as very often many aspirants get denied of visas due to inability to perform well in these interviews.


For any visa denial, there is always an explanation. Some common errors lead to negative decisions. Appropriate documents are often not enough, you ought to note the meaning of personal meetings with diplomatic officials during work visa interviews and how you are introducing yourself.


In this post, we are going to discuss some of the significant visa interview questions that can save you from visa rejection. But first, let's consider some of the Dos and Don'ts during the visa interview at the embassy.

  1. Always show up a few minutes before the time of the interview. It will help you stay calm and relax.
  2. Answer every question with confidence and on point. Don't pause for too long in between the questions and answers, it may reflect that you are not being truthful in your answers.
  3. Appearance is also important. Your outfit and body posture tells everything about your personality. Make sure to dress formally for the interview. And maintain eye contact throughout the interview.

Moving on, below is the list of most important work visa interview questions to help you immigrate to Canada. Remember, these sample questions and answers will help any work visa applicant.


Why do you want to move to Canada?


I am moving to Canada to work in an XYZ organization.


Do you have a recommendation letter from your employer?


You must have your employer's letter of recommendation with you. He should confirm in that letter that the company wishes to recruit you and the reasons for that. The recommendation letter should also include brief business profile information and a brief overview of your job status.


Have you taken someone else's help in preparing your application?


Answer truthfully in Yes or No.


Have you been to Canada before?


Answer truthfully in Yes or No.
Note: Consulate may check to verify this information.


What to do you know about Canada? Why did you choose to move to Canada?


Learn some facts about Canada and its culture. Provide the answer to how this experience will be benefited for you and why you chose Canada.


What is your salary?


Make sure you know information about your earnings. Consular can as ask your monthly income.


What is your job profile?


Just provide the required information. Describe what your work role in the new organisation will be and the responsibilities you will have in your job.


Are you married?


Give the right answer.


Do you have children?


Give the right answer.


Does your medical insurance cover your journey?


Answer in Yes or No.
Note: It's important to have medical insurance that covers your journey.


Have you ever travelled to a foreign country?


Give the right answer. Be prepared to answer questions about your travels to foreign countries. They may ask what countries you've been in before, what was the reason for your trips and how long you've been out of your country.


What are your plans after returning to your home country?


You can tell about your family plans, work plans and next career steps in the country of your origin.


What is the guarantee that you will return to the country of your origin?


Showing ties to your native country is important. If you have children and family members depending on you, do mention them. Or, you can also mention the ancestral property to link your ties to your home country.
Note: Take the documents showing the property on your name along with you to the interview.


Who will take care of your property in your absence?


You must mention the names of the people who will take care of your house when you leave. Be prepared to answer for their contact information.


How long will you stay in Canada?


You must know the starting and ending day of your contract.


Have you booked your tickets to Canada?


You are required to have pre-booked your tickets to Canada as well as the return ticket. You must remember the date of your arrival and departure. How far is your accommodation from the Airport? Remember to plan your journey properly.


Where will you stay in Canada?


I will stay at ABC Street, XYZ City, PQ State, 4567 Zip Code. Memorize the full address by heart. It should correspond to the information provided in the application.


How confident are you in your French and English language abilities?


Your answer should correspond to the IELTS score. Be ready to produce your IELTS scores if asked.


Have you ever used any other name besides your current name?


Answer in Yes or No.


Have you ever been diagnosed for any severe physical or mental illness?


Answer in Yes or No. You may be asked to produce medical records to support your answer.


Please describe your typical working day.


Keep your answer short and crisp with details reflecting your entire day's activities.


Do you have any family or friends in Canada?


Answer correctly without any hesitation. If your close relatives are already settled in Canada then remember to provide information about their whereabouts, what they do and how long they have been in Canada.


Who is the current prime minister of Canada?


Justin Trudeau, since 2015.


How many Canadian provinces or cities can you name?


Memorize each province or cities in Canada. It will make it easier to answer this question.


According to you, what is the cost of living in Canada?


Do your homework. Learn the major economics details of Canada before appearing for the work visa interview.

    Here are some interview questions that may be asked if you are applying for Canada student visa or tourist visa:
  1. Why do you want to study in Canada?
  2. Which course are you going to pursue? why?
  3. Why did you choose to enroll in XYZ university?
  4. Which other universities did you apply to? Reason for rejection?
  5. Have you been to Canada before?
  6. How will you fund your education and your stay in Canada?
  7. How and where you will accommodate while studying?

Make sure you're honest. If you are found to have submitted inaccurate details or false documents to the visa officer, you could be deemed inadmissible to Canada. This could be the outcome even though you have incorrectly submitted the information. If you are overwhelmed with the visa process, then you may take the help of immigration consultants or immigration lawyers in this case. These people are skilful in providing help in any immigration-related matter.


Why hire Aspire World Immigration to assist in Canadian visa application?


Immigration agents at Aspire World Immigration Consultancy LLP are perfectly capable of assisting you in the visa application process. Our services range from documents assistance, interview preparation, IELTS preparation and many more. If you want to ensure that you have the best chance of receiving approval for your Canada visa application, we recommend that you contact us before submitting your application. We have assisted thousands and thousands of applicants reach Canada and other parts of the world successfully, and we can support you as well!

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