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What is the required work experience for a successful Canada PR application?

Canada PR visa work experience


This is the most commonly asked query among Canada PR Visa applicants. Canada offers many pathways to immigrate to a skilled worker. The required work experience is highly dependent on the profile and pathway you choose to immigrate.


Canada is one of the countries which worked rigorously, even during the coronavirus pandemic. It welcomed new permanent residents and temporary foreign workers whose applications were accepted before travel restrictions were imposed.


Now, it is all set to offer one million new Permanent Resident visas in the next three years to highly skilled overseas professionals. The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) requires relevant work experience for a successful Canada PR Visa application.


You need relevant work experience in any of the profiles mentioned in the National Occupation Classification (NOC) to get your profile considered for a Canada Permanent Resident visa. IRCC will also consider the PR applications of working students who gained work experience while studying in Canada.


Required Work Experience Under Express Entry


You may apply for Canada PR Visa as a highly-skilled worker or a student with working experience. Express entry system considers work experience relevant to the job profile. Let's see how it works.


Work Experience Gained as a Skilled Worker:


If you've applied through one of the pathways under Express Entry Visa and received an Invitation to Apply (ITA) on successful selection of your profile, you will need to submit a work experience letter as a crucial part of your PR application. In fact, based on your employment history, you may be required to submit multiple work experience letters.


Note: only full-time work will be considered when granting points, no seasonal work will be considered.


The Skill Type or Skill level of your occupation must be mentioned as Type 0, or A and B respectively in the NOC. The three Skill Types are explained further:

  • All managerial level profiles fall under skill type 0
  • All professional-level profiles fall under skill level A
  • All technical profiles and skilled trades fall under skill level B

Work Experience Gained While Studying:


Work done during your studies in Canada will be considered as minimum requirements. The work can be full-time or part-time but not with any gaps, it should be continuous, compensated and fulfils other requirements of the program.


You must prove that your previous occupation/s included job duties that are mentioned in the occupational description in the NOC. It is a description of all essential duties that are needed to boost the economy of the country.


Further Specifications for Skilled Work Experience


To get your Canada PR application approves, you are required to meet the following requirements:

  • Your primary occupation should be mentioned in the application as same as it is mentioned in the NOC.
  • You must have worked in the same job for the last ten years
  • You must have compensated with commission or wages. Any volunteer work and unpaid internships will be excluded from this clause.
  • You must have worked continuously for 1 year which equals to 1,560 hours of total work, meaning 30 hours a week.

How Can You Meet this Requirement?


If you fail to meet the above-mentioned requirements, make sure you re-apply for the Canada PR Visa after considering the following steps:

  • Get one or more than full-time jobs over the years and work there for 12 months for 30 hours per week separately.
  • You can also choose to work in a part-time job for 2 years for 15 hours per week.
  • Any job that demands you to work for more than 30 hours per week will be not counted.

As you know, each profile in the Express Entry is awarded CRS scores. Minimum points are awarded to the applicants with one year of work experience. The more work experience you have, the more CRS scores you'll get. Moreover, only the relevant work experience will be considered for your Canada PR application success.


Get on With Your Canada PR Application Today


As the world recovers from the horrid impact of the coronavirus pandemic, immigration of foreign skilled professionals is the only rational way to elevate the economies. If you are a skilled professional with relevant work experience, then this might be a chance for you to fly to your dream country.


If you need any assistance in applying for a Canada PR Visa, connect with Aspire World Immigration. We have a huge experience of over a decade in handling PR applications. Our immigration and visa experts will provide you with solutions and help you get through the entire process with ease.


We are the best visa consultants in Delhi and for more assistance, you can fill our assessment form, contact us at +919711287974 or mail us at enquiry@aspireworldcareers.com.

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