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Why Should You Choose ICCRC Registered Immigration Consultants Or Consultancy For Canada Immigration

If you need the services of an immigration consultant for migrating to Canada, you must choose an ICCRC Registered Canada Immigration Consultancy. The various types of visa that are facilitated by immigration consultants include student visa, visitor visa (temporary or long term), spouse visa, permanent residency visa, visa for parents, children and other relatives.

What is the role of ICCRC?

Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) is the regulatory authority of Canadian Federal Government which oversees immigration to Canada. It provides through regulation and implementation of immigration procedures as laid down by Canadian law and home ministry.

It has to be noted that many fraudulent businesses are posing as Canadian Immigration Consultancy services. They do not have the knowledge, understanding or expertise to secure a visa for their client. They also do not have the necessary understanding of various Canadian immigration laws and cannot guide the client through an often lengthy visa procedure. Their only aim, in plain words, is to extort money.

To migrate or visit Canada there is no mandatory requirement to hire an ICCRC Registered Canada Immigration Consultants or lawyer as a representative. But should you choose to do so you have to exercise adequate caution about whom you employ. A visa consultant does not have any connections with the Canadian immigration process that allow them to secure a visa through special treatment. No consultant can guarantee that a visa will be provided since in each case it is the letter of the law that will be followed and the Canadian immigration official who must be satisfied with the visa request. Citizenship and Immigration Canada is the only organization which has complete powers over the issuance of visa.

To prevent fraud, the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) was set up. Those who are members of ICCRC are part of what is known as Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants or RCIC. In plain words, it means their activities are to a certain extent audited by the Canadian government since they are required to abide by specific rules and ethics.

Why should you employ only ICCRC accredited consultants?

  • The ICCRC Registered Canada Immigration Consultancy will provide honest and accurate information about migration to Canada. There will be complete transparency.
  • Suitable people are chosen as ICCRC Registered Immigration Consultants after examination of their understanding and experience.
  • The agents have complete and up to date understanding of rules related to migration. For some visas such as permanent residency visa and spouse visa, there are changes in regulations often.
  • Agents have to abide by a code of ethics and conduct.
  • There is a higher authority to complain in case the agent acts dubiously.
  • The consultant is an authorized representative of the Canadian federal government and all territories located therein.

What may happen if the agent is not approved?

  • The agent might not have a thorough understanding of the migration rules and procedures. This may lead to a visa being rejected. Securing some types of visa is a lengthy and complicated process and entails expense. The expenditure may be wasted.
  • If one employs an unauthorized representative and the Canadian government comes to know of it, the visa application might be rejected.
  • There might be a penalty of two years before the applicant can again apply for a visa to Canada.
  • An agent who is not authorized may defraud you by stating that some further off-the-book expenses will be required for securing a visa.
  • An agent who is not a member of ICCRC may try to bribe an immigration official or secure forged documents. This will bring a severe penalty.

Ensure that the agent is ICCRC certified.

  • Verify if the consultant whom you have employed is authorized by authorities in Canada.
  • Ask for an invoice for all payments made. There must not be any off-the-book payments for any reason.
  • Enquire about the agent's experience and success ratio. How long have they helped clients secure a visa? Ask probing questions about their authenticity.
  • Be sure to have a written contract with details of the service they will provide and also the fees to be paid to them.
  • If the agent is based in Canada, inquire about them through the Better Business Bureau which documents all complaints.


The need for a genuine Canadian Immigration Consultancy cannot be overstated. It is essential for smooth relocation from one part of the world to another. Some types of visas have complex rules, and it needs a good immigration consultant to be able to explain them in full. Aspire World Immigration is the best immigration company in India. We are among leading overseas and abroad job consultancy in Delhi. Please feel free to contact us for any visa or immigration services.

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