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Why Malta Is The Most Favorable Country For Hoteliers?

Why Malta Is The Most Favorable Country For Hoteliers


Nations that are ranked as good places to work tend to attract a greater number of professionals with international degrees and work experience. According to an InterNations report, Malta ranked first out of 64 countries in overall work satisfaction. As a result, in the last 5 years or so, Malta has seen a large influx of professional immigrants. The hospitality and tourism sector are the most common for immigrants. Several professionals who had never heard of this small island before are now seriously considering relocating to Malta. Here are a few of the reasons why.


Welcoming atmosphere


The atmosphere in Maltese businesses is always warm and inviting. Since the islands are so small, everybody knows each other by the first name, and you will never be lost, isolated, or lonely. It's a love-filled rock. However, if you dislike your work or simply find a better opportunity, the decision to leave the organization might be taken more personally than in other situations.


English-Speaking Region


Working abroad can be challenging for a foreign workforce who are concerned about living in new territory for an extended period. Malta is a fantastic destination for foreign hoteliers who might not feel at ease in a completely foreign world. English-speaking immigrants can easily connect with the locals and explore the island.


The Weather


Malta is the island for you if you enjoy beautiful weather! In the season, there are 12 hours of daylight. Autumn and spring are usually mild. Winters may be bitterly cold, but they are thankfully brief.


Flexible working hours and paid vacation


In Malta, working hours are 40 hours per week. Employers here adhere to a five-day workweek. Employees have the right to 25 days of paid leave each year.  

Maternity leave: Working women are entitled to 14 weeks of paid maternity leave and an additional four weeks of unpaid leave.


Parental Leave: All male and female employees are entitled to four months of unpaid parental leave after the birth or adoption of a child. They will take these four months off before the child reaches the age of eight.  

Salary and taxes on average


The average monthly wage in Malta is 4,620 Euros. Monthly salaries range from 1,170 Euros to 20,600 Euros. The average monthly wage includes lodging, transportation, and other perks. Salaries may vary greatly between occupations.


Overseas employees who relocate to Malta will face a higher tax for the first 183 days. Following that, the tax is withheld depending on the wages. The overall deduction would be 35% of the taxpayer's annual gross income.


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