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Why Canadian Experience Plays a Key Factor in Selecting PR Candidates

Canadian PR Visa


Amid coronavirus pandemic, the Canadian government seems to favour candidates for immigration with some Canadian experience. The COVID-19 outbreak led to imposing travel restrictions in many countries. As a counter step to protect it's own, Canada also restricted the movement of people to and fro the country. Despite all restrictions and global emergency, Canada plans to continue to work on its mission to welcome one million immigrants by 2022.


The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has increased the frequency of the Express Entry draws. Earlier, IRCC usually held EE draws in every two weeks (usually on Wednesday). Since the outbreak and following lockdown in various countries, it held six EE draws of which two draws were made on the same day and four draws in a single week.


Good News for Canadian Experience Class (CEC):


What's interesting is that these draws were made to provide Canada permanent status to those candidates with provincial nominations or are eligible under the Canada Experience Class program. Therefore, each CEC specific draws with a total sum of 10,308 invitations, can be considered quite a large number of invitations to apply (ITA) since the outbreak.


Keeping in mind the current situation of COVID-19 pandemic, the CEC centric Express Entry draws makes more sense. The IRCC's decision to invite applicants under CEC is less likely to get affected by the travel restrictions than those living in abroad.


In fact, providing ITAs to as many applicants as possible within Canada during such a crisis can ensure IRCC get as near to the intake goals set out in its immigration level plans.


However, there are significant long-term explanations for why the federal and provincial governments favouring Canadian experience to recruit immigration aspirants. Therefore, this step should be taken in a broader context.


What is CEC and Why it is an Important Pathway?


The Canadian Experience Class (CEC) is a citizenship program that enables permanent citizenship to people who have served in Canada for a minimum of one year. CEC is part of Canada's Immigration Express Entry program.


Canada's government acknowledges the large pool of skilled employees already living in Canada, and encourages them to become permanent residents. These people have established their roots in Canada and made plans for the future.


The Importance of CEC


The IRCC launched the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) to provide assistance to those temporary foreign workers and international students living in Canada in acquiring permanent residency in Canada.


Since then, the CEC has grown into one of the popular choices of international students and migrant workers living in Canada.


Numerous provinces and territories have allowed Canadian-experienced applicants to apply for Canada permanent residence through their respective provincial nominee systems long before the CEC was introduced. After the introduction of the CEC, their number of sources devoted to students and staff has grown as well.


It should also be noted that the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) for Express Entry helps candidates with Canadian experience to gain a higher CRS score.


Benefits of Canadian Experience


The reason why Canadian experience in federal and provincial immigration programs has become so important is that according to a research such experience is a strong indicator that the immigration applicants will quickly integrate into the Canadian labour market and perform well in the long term.


It is vital to know that the Canadian experience is considered as superior to the experience of studying and working in foreign countries in all cases. The truth is that employers are more comfortable recruiting applicants with local job experience, whether they are in Canada or in some other country in the world.


Candidates Without Canadian Experience Need Not to Worry


Many Express Entry applicants obtain invitations to apply for permanent residency despite having no Canadian experience.


In a research by the Canadian government which indicates that even immigration applicants without Canadian experience appear to integrate easily into the Canadian labour market as well, as they often possess the following characteristics such as high language skills, educational standards and/or the likes of a work offer or provincial nomination.


Therefore, whether you have Canadian experience or not, Canada welcomes your immigration application.


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