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Why Canada Is The Most Favourable Country For Indians To Work?

Why Canada Is The Most Favourable Country For Indians To Work?

Why is Canada the most favourable country for Indians to work in? We can give you many reasons. Such as:

  • Canada has one of the world's biggest economies, making it one of the richest countries with a reasonably high quality of life.
  • Canada's unemployment rate is lower than that of most other countries.
  • Canada also made significant contributions to quantum computing, medical research, space science, and technology.
  • Canada is one of the world's most peaceful nations.

Every year, many Indians immigrants move to countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. Many of them travel to foreign countries on Permanent Resident visas and look for jobs to settle down.


So, what makes Canada the best country for Indians?


Canada is the number one choice when it comes to living and working. There are numerous reasons why it is a common choice for Indians to live, work, and settle.


Let us have a look at some of the reasons to settle in Canada.


Reasonable tax schemes


Canada's tax systems are not the highest in the world, but they are also not the lowest. As a result, companies looking to recruit and retain employees can use the Canadian workplace, incentives, and culture as a selling point. Canada is also an excellent place to establish a corporation.


Great place to work


Because of its sound, dependable, and open public finances, Canada has increased economic freedom. Its banks and financial systems are stronger and better (4 out of the top 10 banks in the world are Canadian). Canada has a lower unemployment rate compared to other nations, especially for young people. The nation offers better health insurance and incentives, as well as paid holidays and leaves, including maternity and paternity leave. Canadian workplaces are required by law to be supportive and inclusive, with resources available to everyone.


Multicultural society


In terms of cultural diversity, Canada ranks first among all countries in the world. This is due to factors such as the advanced infrastructure, political setup, high living standards, abundant work prospects, and the country attracts multicultural diversity across the world. Furthermore, Canada is the world's second-best nation in terms of citizenship criteria. It is ranked third in factors such as education and women's status, and fourth in terms of raising children. It is ranked sixth in the world in terms of entrepreneurship. Retirees enjoy a nice life here as well, as it is ranked sixth in the world for a comfortable retirement!


Warm political relations between Canada and India


Canada and India have long had close historical and bilateral relations. They have long had a warm political relationship as two of the world's strongest parliamentary democracies. There are approximately 1.2 million Indian-origin families who consider Canada home.


Welcoming nation for Indian immigrants


Canada is one nation that genuinely accepts skilled immigrants and has been easing immigration laws in this context. Indian groups, too, promote their families of all faiths to immigrate to Canada in search of a better life, education and employment opportunities.


Very lenient rules for immigrants


The annual immigration programme for Canada is to welcome 400,000 immigrants in 2021. By the end of December 2020, Canada will have sent 100,000 ITAs to Express Entry candidates. Furthermore, more and more Temporary Residents are being converted to Permanent Residents under less stringent measures. Not only this, in a record-breaking effort, 4,500 applicants won ITAs for Canada permanent residency.


The liberal government of Canada has been very flexible towards refugees and immigration. The visa procedure and regulations have been loosened to accommodate qualified visa applicants. Recently, the government proposed a $10 million fund to assist migrant workers in finding work in the country.


Excellent academic opportunities


Education is a provincial obligation in Canada. Thus, provincial governments ensure that education quality is consistently very high across Canada, regardless of the form of institution – university or college. If your kids choose to graduate, you can select from a variety of universities based on your children qualifications. The country offers specialized diplomas, advanced diplomas, and postgraduate diplomas at Canadian colleges if you want a shorter and more relevant path to being employable.


In terms of educational sources, all types of programs from different streams are offered in Canadian colleges and universities. From healthcare, agriculture, engineering, IT, sports, management, accounting, economics, renewable energies, to mining and petroleum, you can get qualified in any field.


Superior healthcare system


The comprehensive healthcare system in Canada is dynamic; improvements have been implemented over the last four decades and continues to respond to innovations in medicine and culture. The fundamentals, however, continue to be the same: affordable healthcare for medically required health care services based on necessity rather than a willingness to pay.


In Canada, health is more than just the healthcare system. The obligation for public health, including sanitation, contagious diseases, and related education, is divided among three levels of government: federal, provincial/territorial, and local or municipal. These programs, however, are typically provided at the provincial/territorial and local levels.


To conclude


There are many reasons why Canada is not only a great place to visit, but also a great place to live and work. Canadians are intelligent, kind, humorous, musical, highly developed, artistic, aware, and deeply caring. So why not join the forces? It's never too late to apply for a Canada PR, get your passport and move to Canada.


Ready to apply for PR in Canada?


After learning about the advantages of wanting to live, work, and settle in Canada, contact Aspire World Immigration for more information on pathways to Canada PR. Our expert immigration consultants can walk you through the application process for crucial Canadian immigration services such as the Express Entry System and the Provincial Nominee Program. Contact us right away!

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