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What kind of services does Aspire World Immigration Consultancy provide for Malaysia?

Aspire World Immigration services provide


Malaysia Visa: Overview


Malaysia is among the most famous and frequently visited countries in South East Asia. The country has been able to maintain the most stable economic records of all the countries on the Asian Continent. Natural resources of the country have been a significant contributor to the Malaysian economy. Thus, making this country worth it for anybody looking for lucrative job opportunities, higher studies and travel purposes.


Malaysia Visa: Why is it required?


Travel to Malaysia, either for studies, leisure or business, mandatorily require a visa. Currently, various types of visas are required to fly to Malaysia. The type of visa that a person requires to travel to Malaysia will rely on their nationality and the intent of their journey. All international visitors must have a valid passport with a minimum duration of validity of six months upon arrival at the port of entry.


Malaysia Visa: Eligibility


The visa eligibility conditions for Indian citizens are relatively lenient. The first condition is that the applicant must be the holder of a valid Indian passport. Besides, he or she must meet the eligibility criteria of the visa application process. Moreover, tourists should have a sound financial record so that they can finance their visit. Some nationals are prohibited to step on Malaysian soils under Section 8 of the Immigration Act 1959/63. The additional eligibility requirement depends on the purpose of the visit.


Malaysia Visa: Services Offered by Aspire World Immigration


Malaysia offers various types of visas. But knowing which visa will suit your requirements can make a huge difference. The process of submitting a visa application is entirely online but certain formalities are needed to be performed before you finalize your application. Here comes in the Aspire world immigration, immigration consultants at AWICS make sure your application is submitted correctly without having any scope of rejection.


Types of visa and services provided:


Malaysia DP 10 Visa: Malaysia Work Visa


Malaysia DP 10 visa is a multiple entry visa. It is also known as Malaysia Work Visa. It is issued to the individuals looking to settle professionally in Malaysia. Initially, this visa is issued for two years, later it can be extended to up to 10 years. Malaysian companies with limited liability can also recruit foreigners. This is a family visa which allows the spouse to legally work in Malaysia. The minimum age to apply for this visa is 27 years and the maximum is 50 years. A minimum of two years of work experience and a graduate level of education is required for DP 10 visa. The hottest industries to hire foreigners under this visa category are:

  • IT profession
  • Teaching
  • Healthcare
  • Managing
  • Hospitality

Malaysia Tourist Visa


Malaysia Tourist Visa is a single entry visa. It is issued to individuals with a social purpose. In Malaysia tourist visas, visitors can enter and exit the country only one time. Malaysia offers various options for visitors to enter in Malaysia including ecotourism and medical tourism. This visa is not limited for a certain age group, anyone with an intent of exploring Malaysia can apply for it.


Malaysia Internship Programme


Rapidly rising as a major Asian business centre, internships in Malaysia are an ideal opportunity to gain foreign work experience. In the future, a foreign Malaysian internship would look impressive on your CV when applying to companies. This is a single entry visa to train only.




For any Malaysia visa best Malaysia visa consultant at Aspire provides world-class facilities and aid in every step. Acquiring a Malaysia visa may not require much-complicated procedure but other factors such as documentation, submission of visa application, visa interview and more are needed to be prepared for.


Therefore, Aspire World Immigration provides services that are necessary for each applicant. Services such as:


Resume re-writing: To maintain a professional tone in the visa application, candidates are required to present their CVs in the format that the country observes. Therefore, resume rewriting services for people applying through Malaysia DP 10 visa.


Documentation: This is the most significant part of the Malaysia Visa Application process. Each document is required to be collected and presented at the time of form submission. To assist their clients in the process, immigration consultants assign them to a separate documentation manager who does the heavy lifting in collecting the documents clients need.


Concierge: At Aspire, visa consultants offer you to move the headache of running from pillar to post for each task and take it upon themselves. These tasks include:

  • 1. Notarization of the documents
  • 2. Attestation
  • 3. DD services
  • 4. IELTS training
  • 5. Personality development training for international opportunities
  • 6.Translation services
  • 7. Collection of your bank statements
  • 8. Police clearance certificates
  • 9. Filing your application at the local VFS, where permitted

Pre-post landing services: Acquiring a visa and overseas job constitutes only half of the job for visa consultants. The real struggle starts when you land in a new country. We provide pre and post landing assistance to our clients to their satisfaction.

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