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What Is The Processing Time For Australia Immigration?

There are a few thousand skilled workers from India who migrate to Australia every year. Due to its well-developed economy, it is an attractive location to settle in. Not only does the nation offers a well-paying job market but also almost free healthcare benefits.

Every year a large number of Indians are applying for the permanent residency visa through Australia Immigration Consultants. The nation boats of a simple and straightforward points-based system of migration known as GSM or General Skilled Migration Program. Aspire World Immigration provides end to end support for migration to Australia.

Each year the Australian government publishes a list known as SOL (Skilled Occupations List). If any person is qualified in any of the fields they can apply for migration to Australia.

The principal types of PR visa which allow one to enter Australia are:

  • Skilled Independent Visa 189 - It is a type of independent visa that does not require any sponsorship from a state or employer.
  • Skilled Nominated Visa 190 - It is a nominated visa - either by the federal government or one of the states.
  • Skilled Regional Provisional Visa 489 - It is a temporary visa but can be later converted to a permanent visa.

Details Of 189 Visa Application

189 subclass is for those who want to take up permanent residency in Australia but have no nomination from a state or employer. Neither are such candidates sponsored by family members staying in Australia. Best Australia Immigration Consultants are needed for help and support about this process.

Approximately 85% visas in this class get processed in 8 months, and some take a few months longer.

This visa allows workers the chance to stay in Australia for an indefinite period since they are permanent residents. The main requirements for applying under this category are a strong academic background and sound experience.

To begin with, all applicants have to find if their skills are required from the SOL.

Other than that the applicants have to be age 49 or less.

They need to have skill in English as tested by IELTS.

It is essential to complete a skills assessment test and score 65 out of possible 100. It may take 3-4 months to receive the results of the skills assessment.

More time is required for completing the formalities for actually receiving the visa. These formalities include an Expression of Interest or EOI filed online. It is done via a program known as Skill Select. The questions are about educational background, skills, and relevant work history.

It takes 15-25 days for the EOI to get processed. After that, an Invitation To Apply or ITA is issued after which the applicant has to submit documents as well as health certificates to receive a permanent residency visa.

Details Of 190 Visa Application

It is a state sponsored visa which is also based approximately the same rules as 189 visa. The difference is that the applicant has to live and work for at least 2 years in the state which has sponsored him. To be eligible, a candidate has to score 65 out of 100 in the skills assessment test.

The results of the skills assessment may take up to 4 months. If the result is satisfactory, then an application has to be made to one or more states/territories of Australia asking for sponsorship. Of course, the result depends on if there is a need for the skill in that particular state. The Expression of Interest, in this case, is sent to a state and not the federal government.

Of the state agrees to sponsor then they issue an ITA. With the help of the state sponsorship and ITA, it is possible to ask for a permanent residency visa according to Australia PR Visa Consultants.

About 90% of these visas get processed in around 9 months. This is also a permanent residency visa and the documents to be filed are the same as those of 189 subclass.

Details Of 489 Visa Application

This is a temporary visa for 4 years stay and can be issued by either the federal government or state government. It requires like the 190 visas the need to stay at a particular state and work at improving its economy.

The 489 visa requires an application through skills assessment. If the result is satisfactory, then the applicant has to fill an EOI and ask various states for a temporary residency permit. If a state requires the skill, they may issue the ITA.

It has the same processing time as a 190 visa. 90% gets approved in about 9 months.

For most candidates who are successful in Skill Assessment, it is possible to complete all formalities and leave for Australia at most inside 7-9 months.

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