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Ways to Increase your Chances for Getting Canada PR Visa

No doubt! The Canadian government welcomes foreign individuals in high spirit. The IRCC has even introduced the Express Entry program, which is in fact the world’s greatest immigration system. The main objective of Express Entry was to evaluate candidates bases on several factors and fasten the process of acquiring Canada PR. 

But, the recent strictness of IRCC has squeezed the size of open arms of Canada, resulting in, much rejection. Most of the applicants are looking for answers to this question. With an increase in the number of applicants, the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada have brought some changes to their approach in evaluating the applicants.

Hence, you are left with only one choice under Express Entry program, either to increase your CRS score or apply for Canada PR Visa through other programs.

Now the question arises, what are the ways to boost your CRS score?

And the answer is, by following these steps:

#1 Work on your language skills and improve your IELTS score. Try to score more than 7 bands to improve your chances at your next attempt.

#2 learn the French language to prove proficiency in the second language. Almost every applicant has mastery over the English language, however, having proficiency in French is considered as a bonus under Express Entry program and candidates are awarded extra 600 points for that.

#3 Apply with your partner as your primary applicant. Your partner may score higher points for having credentials better than you.

#4 Add a degree or a diploma to your educational qualification. Pursue a diploma course or a professional course and get more points.

#5 Get assistance from the Best Canada PR Consultants in India.

But, wait! Why apply only under Express Entry program when there are many other visas that can get you Canada PR status? For example, apply under: 

1. Provincial Nominee Program

Applying through PNPs (Provincial Nominee Programs) is also a great way to get Canada permanent residence. Each Canadian Province has a separate nominee program. These programs are designed to meet the requirement of each province separately. Therefore, the eligibility and procedures vary for each PNP. 

Under PNP, the federal government takes all the decisions regarding permanent residence. You can acquire a provincial nomination in two parts process only. First, you need to get accredited at the provincial part and then knock the doors of the federal level. 

Don’t worry about any score and apply for Provincial Nominee Program for a faster visa process. 

2. Quebec Skilled Worker Program

Quebec province has its own immigration program, which aims at giving opportunities to those skilled workers, who can contribute to the economy and have the vision to settle in Quebec nations. Under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program, no proof of job is required. Its eligibility criteria are based on its cultural uniqueness. You can earn extra points if you apply with your family, especially a family with young children. 

3. Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

Through Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program, foreign skilled workers and international graduates can work and live in one of Canada’s 4 Atlantic Provinces:

  • Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Nova Scotia
  • New Brunswick

This employer-driven program is designed to help organizations in Atlantic Canada to fill in the vacant positions that are unable to fill locally. To immigrate through Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program, you need to be a recent graduate of an authorized university in Atlantic Canada or should possess the required skill to meet the criteria. 

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AIPP is categorized under three following categories:

  1.   High-Skilled Workers Stream
  2.   Intermediate-Skilled Workers Stream
  3.   International Graduates Stream

 Increase your Chances with Aspire World

Consulting the best Canada Immigration Consultant can increase your chances of getting Canada PR visa. Aspire World Immigration is what you need to consult today. Here are the details why: 

  • We are in the industry for over 10 years. 
  • We are ISO certified.
  • We are awarded as the most trusted immigration consultant in Delhi 2019.
  • We have a track record of providing placements to over 5000+ aspirants.
  • We charge very less as compared to other consultancies.
  • We have a very well-defined working process.
  • We provide IELTS training to aspirants.
  • We work on their promise until the very end of the process.

AWICS help those who wish to work, study, visit, migrate or invest in Canada, Australia and Germany. We are the only consultant in Delhi, with the ability to advise you on all your studies, career or resettlement options. 

Our Services

The immigration specialists here at Aspire World Immigration makes sure that your immigration is hassle-free and a smooth process as these processes are often time frustrating and time-consuming. The immigration staff is well-aware of the laws and process and therefore they give accurate and wise visa assistance and advice for immigrants.

We offer services like immigration counselling, documentation, post-landing services, CV and cover letter drafting, language training, visa application and technical evaluation. 

What people look for is a brand that can be trusted and transparent enough to make clearly see the entire immigration process. Aspire World Immigration certainly provides end-to-end solutions services including job search to your permanent establishment in your desired country. 

Immigration Counseling:

Our consultants are the best in the industry. We believe in hiding nothing from our clients. We provide them with information keeping in mind all the aspects of the Visa and Immigration Service. We ensure that the process runs smoothly.


Documentation is the most important part comes right after the selection of the candidate. Before starting any immigration process, we make sure that a candidate is certain of all the documents that are required in the process.

CV Writing Aide & cover letter drafting

To apply for international jobs, a usual resume can leave a negative impact on the employer. To avoid this situation, we at Aspire World Immigration provide resume writing assistance to our every valuable client. We make your resume stand out. Our experienced writers and brilliant copywriting ensure that your resume is better than the best.

We have a special team of dedicated people alone for this purpose. With our assistance in cover letter drafting, clients have experienced an improved result in their visa filing process. 

Post-Migration Services:

Our visa consultants maintain strong working relationships with all clients and colleagues even after the immigration process is done to make sure our clients are getting what they were promised.

Language Assistance:

IELTS Guidelines

Aspire World Immigration help their candidates to take all the necessary steps and guidelines regarding exams like IELTS and will teach you to match the required criteria by the provinces. 

AWICS provide their clients with a special scheme in which they provide all language-related courses to help you get settled in your desired foreign country.

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