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Top 5 Visa Applications Which Helps You To Get Job Abroad!

Due to its vast talent pool, India is able to send abroad many migrant job seekers who are highly skilled. They are in demand across the world due to their superb ability and skills. Life elsewhere is highly desired for anyone seeking to improve their standard of living. Developed countries offer benefits in terms of income and social care that few in India can dream of. Some countries are especially desirable to work in. These job programs abroad are discussed below.

Canada Federal Skilled Trades Program - The Federal Skilled Trades Program better known by its acronym FSTP is an immigration route through Express Entry that allows job seekers from around the globe to seek permanent residency in Canada. The Canada Federal Skilled Trade Worker program requires skills which are usually part of the B performance level of National Occupation Classification or NOC published by Canadian government every year. Some of the jobs included are -

  • Electrician
  • Plumber
  • Aircraft Mechanics
  • Welders and Fitters
  • Crane Drivers

At least two years of full-time work experience is required to apply for FSTP.

Germany Job Visa - The most robust European economy has been known for the past century as an industrial powerhouse and economic giant. There is enormous demand for top performing science graduates in various research and industrial establishments of Germany. Germany Job Seeker Visa Consultants provide able guidance to all who wish to emigrate there.

The German Job seeker Visa requires -
  • A college or university degree in science or engineering
  • Three years of full-time work experience in the same field as study
  • Proof of funds to support the new migrant upon arrival for a few months

Singapore Work Visa - The Singapore Government requires all job applicants to possess a valid work permit. The main requirements for the job visa are -
  • A Malaysian applicant must be less than 58 years of age and a non-Malaysian 50 years
  • The job seeker has to be from an approved country (the country from which migration into Singapore is not banned)

There are 2 types of Work Visa for Singapore Job

The visa application process can be done online with the help of Singapore Work Visa Consultancy. The processing time is extremely fast, and approval comes through in less than 72 hours. If there are issues such as a sponsored immigrant or joint spousal visa, then it is resolved within 10 days. After the issuance of the job visa, an applicant has 12 months to migrate to Singapore.

Malta Work Visa - Malta is a small island in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Italy. According to Malta Work Permit Visa Consultancy, a job seeker in Malta who is not a resident of the European Union needs to have a work visa that is sponsored by the employer. It is the employer who has to make the application to Maltese government on behalf of the employee. Malta Job Search consultants can narrow down a perfect job for any applicant in Malta.

Dubai Job Visa - Dubai is the largest city of the United Arab Emirates. Over the last three decades, it has emerged as a hugely prosperous city-state with employment in hospitality, oil and gas, real estate and construction. It is a global business hub that draws thousands of workers from India every year. The employer has to apply for a job visa on behalf of the migrant. The job visa is accompanied by a labor card and health card, and all required permits as verified by Best Dubai job visa Consultant.

It is not at all difficult to secure employment abroad if one applies through the proper intermediaries and consultants. Aspire World Immigration Consultancy provides complete support and guidance about migration to all of the nations mentioned above and more. With thousands of satisfied customers and complete one-stop solutions for job search and migration consultancy it has emerged as the best overseas job consultant in India.

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