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Top 5 Reasons why you MUST Visit Malta

Top 5 Reasons why you MUST Visit Malta


Get your Malta Visa ready, As we are here to tell you why you must visit Malta once in your lifetime.


Located in the central Mediterranean sea, Malta boasts cultural and historical connection with North Africa and Europe. A tiny nation with approx 300 km of total area, Malta sure packs some exciting adventure for a travel enthusiast.


Many travellers find Europe mesmerizing. And it sure is. However, the budget for exploring Europe is comparatively high. Not everyone can afford to spend big bucks on their foreign travels. So, what makes Malta a must-visit European nation?


Opposed to the famous destinations in Europe such as France, Italy, Spain and Greece, Malta is relatively a pocket-friendly destination for Indians that offers some of the finest attractions a European country does.


Besides its 300 days of summer, the natural beauty of the island nation is famous for limestone cliffs, gorgeous beaches, and secret coves that surround the island.


Let's see the top 5 reasons why you must visit Malta.


Experience peace, unwind and relax


Are you looking for a quiet and peaceful experience? Visit the idyllic surrounding nearby Islands of Gozo and Comino! Gozo, with its beautiful valleys and pristine beaches, and Comino, a nature reserve renowned for its native birds, are ideal places to unwind and relax. Gozo, a comparatively unspoiled island, is famed for its quiet lifestyle and breathtaking scenery. Comino is a tiny little island that is virtually uninhabited and home to the world-famous Blue Lagoon. Furthermore, enjoy the boat ride on your way to these islands.


Visit culturally rich places


If you want to witness a wide range of historical places, Malta is your dream destination, which has been the focal point of some of Europe's most impressive upheavals throughout its 7,000-year history. You can also visit the world's oldest megalithic temples or 300 churches spread throughout Malta and Gozo. Malta's new capital city, Valletta, and the island's former capital, Mdina, also promises some breathtaking historical background. Mdina also has several coastal villages, hidden catacombs, and forts founded by the Knights of St. John, all of which should not be overlooked.


You don't need to learn Maltese


Are you worried that language can be a barrier while exploring Malta? Unlike other European countries, Malta has English as the second official language. Meaning, you won't have to worry about Lost in the Translation while visiting Malta. For English-speaking travellers, communicating can be simple or non-existent, which is a significant advantage. The Maltese language, on the other hand, remains the country's primary language, spoken by almost every Maltese citizen.


A paradise for your taste buds


Maltese food is the product of a long association between the Maltese people and the various civilizations that have occupied the Maltese Islands over the centuries. Above all, the Maltese are passionate about their food. Malta is the place to go if you want to experience passionate Mediterranean cuisine. With numerous restaurants, local 'kiosks' and 'Gabbana's' tasty food is never far away. Though fresh seafood abounds, including the famous fish pie, you can enjoy the national dish of Malta Stuffat Tal-Fenek if you want to try a rabbit stew.


Jam-packed vibrant night life


Have you heard about Ibiza? If you want to have an experience just like Ibiza, Malta is your place. Malta offers a lively nightlife that has drawn some of the biggest names in foreign clubbing. Open-air clubs have a one-of-a-kind experience, and they are extremely popular with both locals and foreigners. Furthermore, the Maltese Islands host a variety of activities during the year. So, don't forget to bring your dancing shoes.


One more reason, Malta visa is easy to get!


Based on the purpose of your visit to Malta, you can easily apply for a Malta visa suiting your needs. There are various visas that this country offers. Whether you plan to study, live and work in Malta, you need to choose the correct Malta visa accordingly. Malta also became a member state of the Schengen region as a Member State of the European Union, allowing you to apply for a Maltese Schengen Visa.


If you decide you want to visit Malta, what you need is to gather information and the types of documentation you need to land there. But you need to bear in mind your intention of visiting the country before this process takes place. That will focus on further categorization.


You can also take Malta visa services for applying for a tourist visa. Skilled visa immigration consultants can help you get the rich travel experience you deserve.

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