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Top 10 Steps before Searching a job in abroad


If you are tired of the job that lacks excitement and motivation then searching for a job abroad might be a good option for. Remember, you are not alone. Most people would leave their native country to move abroad for better opportunities. Not for the money alone, but also various advantages attached to the job abroad. Many countries such as Canada, Australia, Germany, etc. have a stronger economy and higher quality of life than India. This may not sound as important when you are young, it could be a great incentive if you are thinking of starting a family. By working abroad, you and your family have a chance to experience a better lifestyle.


For whatever reason, if you are reading this post, then you are aiming to land a job abroad.


Before you leave everything behind and move out of your country, take a look at this post thoroughly as it contains some very useful steps to locate your dream job in a foreign country.


Step 1: Stay Committed to Your Decision


Make sure that you are 100 per cent certain about moving abroad permanently. You must realize social, psychological and technical elements of moving abroad- such as being away from family members and finding yourself in an entirely alien place. Plan ahead by saving up money well in advance. If needed, talk to top abroad job consultancy in India. There you may get some clarity over your next step.


Step 2: Consider the Pros and Cons of the Country


You can’t deny the fact that the country you wish to move is totally alien to you. Therefore, you must conduct thorough research on the country on your own. You should look into things such as:

  • 1. Crime rate: How safe is your destination country?
  • 2. Cost of living: Could you afford common necessities, such as rent, utilities and food?
  • 3. Education: If you have children, will they receive a good education in the country you are moving to?
  • 4. Employment rights: What is labour law?
  • 5. Healthcare: How are the medical services rated for consistency and quality?
  • 6. Politics: Whether the political condition in your dream country is favourable or not?
  • 7. Rights: What standard human rights and equality measures are followed?
  • 8. Taxes: Are you entitled to pay taxes or not?
  • 9. Visa requirements: What kind of visa you’ll require? Who will need to apply for a visa for you, employer or you? Whom to trust for the best immigration services?

Note: To check your eligibility to apply for a visa and to make the visa application process hassle-free, connect to the best consultancy for abroad jobs.


Step 3: Localise Your Resume


Every country has different rules for writing a CV or resume. Also, apart from the terminology disputes that may occur, you also need to keep a check on grammar rules while writing your resume. Depending on the rules or the language, you might need to translate your resume into the language of the country.


Step 4: Get Employed Before You Go


You see, jobs are not easy to get. Therefore, it would not be smart if you go to a country without a job offer in your hands. If you move without a job offer in your hands, you’ll be broke before you know it. There are tons of places online to look for the right opportunities. Moreover, consult your immigration experts for jobs related query. Their assistance can come in handy while looking for a job in abroad.


Step 5: Connect With Your Contacts


Try to get referred by your family, friend, business clients or colleagues living abroad. Their contacts could help you acquire the best opportunity for yourself. Moreover, it fastens your process of getting employed which likely to increase your chances to get a visa to your desired country.


Step 6: Develop Language Skills


If you develop language skills you can easily build marketable skills that will provide an advantage over other applicants for your dream job. For example, if you are applying for jobs in Canada, then learning French could gain you more points when applying for the permanent residency in Canada. That’s not it, you can easily understand and adjust according to the working environment if you speak their language.


Step 7: Try for a Foreign Transfer


If you are in an organization that has a global presence, then your chances of getting foreign transferred to another country’s office are quite high. Maintain good relations with your seniors to get in the good books of your employer and perform your job with responsibilities to get such opportunities. And the bonus part is, you need not do any visa and other official formalities on your own, everything will be done by the employer.


Step 8: Obtain Professional Help


Things are always easy when there is someone available to guide us. Talk to the best consultancy for abroad jobs to get help in finding work abroad through various programs offered by the countries. Aspire World Immigration, for example, assists candidates to obtain work permits, work visas, study abroad visas, Internship abroad visas for over 25 countries.


Step 9: Perfect Your Skype Skills


Since you are looking for jobs overseas, you’ll likely be interviewed through skype. And without your physical presence during the interview, your way of speaking is only going to matter. Therefore, you need to learn about acing the Skype interview. Make sure that prepare with a set of questions and answers beforehand, you are dressed appropriately and use a neutral background.


Step 10: Reap the Benefits


Many people forget to claim benefits that they are entitled from the country of origin while living and working abroad, which can be quite helpful, especially within the first few months while you are still struggling to get settled. In the United Kingdom, you are eligible to:

  • ✔ Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA)
  • ✔ Childcare and maternity benefits
  • ✔ Injury and illness benefits
  • ✔ Benefits for people with disabilities and carers
  • ✔ Winter fuel payments
  • ✔ Bereavement benefits

Your eligibility to claim these benefits highly depends on the country you are from. But first, you need to fulfil the requirements of the country you are thinking of moving to.


Befriend Top Abroad Job Consultancy in India


Aspire World Immigration helps aspirants to get a job overseas. We are the top abroad job consultancy in India. The most convenient feature of our job search service is that resumes of candidates are sent by AWICS to employers around the world who are looking for suitable profiles. We make sure that these resumes float on every website and reach employers and placement agencies all over the world. Our talented and experienced HR professionals are constantly working for your profile intending to launch resumes to relevant employers and job profiles worldwide.

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