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Top 10 Countries Offering Job For Indians Even in Lockdown

Top 10 Countries Offering Job For Indians Even in Lockdown


Nobody knows what the job market will be like in the future. With the pandemic impacting many people's working environments, it seems that work culture will shift in favour of the remote working model.


In the near term, a lack of disposable income would affect the growth of the labour market. However, the general view in-country is unlikely to change.


Nowadays, technology and the new way of life have far more choices to choose. More liberal laws and democracy provide opportunities for people who want to have the job and personal growth they want in the country where they want to work and have a better lifestyle.


Boundaries are no longer an obstruction. Visas and work permits are also not an issue.


There are several countries with expanding economies that need specialists to help meet their needs for the benefit of the workforce. Opportunities abound nowadays, if you're a skilled professional, you will have an easier time finding the ideal job in your dream country.


The top ten countries with the most work openings are listed below:


1. The United Kingdom


Today, the United Kingdom is the highest-paying nation to work in, and unemployment is low. Brexit would almost certainly affect job opportunities in the UK, particularly for foreign skilled workers.


Skill shortages are severe in the UK, and companies are actively seeking skilled professionals from all around the world to employ in the country.


There are quite a variety of work visas available if you choose to pursue a career in the UK. A Youth Mobility Scheme visa, a Seasonal worker visa, a Charity worker visa, and an International Agreement visa are among the visas available.


2. South Korea


South Korea, Asia's third-largest economy, tops the list of the best countries to live and work abroad. In South Korea, global employees look for employment of all kinds. However, due to the high demand for English language learners and government benefits and support for those employed as teachers in Korea, teaching English is a common career option.


3. Spain


In Spain, the competitiveness for high-paying employment is fierce, so polish up on your skills. If you want to work in Spain, which regularly ranks first on lists of the best destination to work in the world, fluency in Spanish will help you stand out among a sea of extremely competent Spanish graduates. Temporary occupations, such as teaching English, nursery, or working in tourism, would not generally require good Spanish-speaking skills for the linguistically impaired. In Spain, there are several works abroad services that assist foreigners in obtaining temporary employment that enables them to work in Spain for up to one or two years.


4. Canada


For foreigners of all skill levels, there are casual and skilled jobs available in Canada. Employment in Canada is also advantageous because the quality of living is high and the cost of living is considerably lower. There are possibilities to educate Students in the big metro areas of Toronto and Vancouver if you have TEFL or TESOL certification. Media workers in Toronto are also plentiful, due to the city's booming communications and film productions. Seasonal employment in restaurants, finance, and reception is available in winter resorts, as a position as instructors at affiliated ski schools. Benefits differ, but the majority of these positions in Canada include lift passes, as well as certain staff accommodation and meal discounts.


5. New Zealand


Although there are regular jobs available, they are far more difficult for a migrant to secure than short-term jobs in New Zealand. An expat's best chance of finding long-term jobs in New Zealand is in banking, accounting, or healthcare because these are all sectors of significant demand and low supply among the existing community. Arriving as a temporary worker is the simplest way to find jobs in New Zealand. Jobs in hospitality, food service, and adventure tours are plentiful, and several positions are vacant when each tourist season concludes.


6. Australia


For Immigrants looking for short-term job opportunities, Australia is one of the best countries to work abroad. Most find employment in the service or hospitality industries, or through agencies that place them in short-term positions in Australia. If you have previous experience in the service industry, you can work as a tour guide, waitress, housekeeper, or restaurant employee. Seasonal agricultural work is also common with temporary workers. While the work will not be quick, many agricultural job placements provide room and board.


7. Luxembourg


Luxembourg is another wonderful place to consider relocating to in 2021. It is one of the smallest nations in Europe, but it has opportunities for you in IT and finance. The country has high wages, but they are accompanied by high housing costs. The healthcare system and facilities have been meticulously designed. The location is multilingual, with English, French, German, and Luxembourgish being spoken. You can also use your visit here as a jumping-off point for exploring neighbouring countries such as France and Germany.


8. Germany


Germany is an excellent place to work, particularly if you want to work in Europe. The country has a strong economy and is highly developed. In Germany, there is a lot of opportunity in R&D, Medicine, Machinery, Banking, and IT. Work-life balance is excellent, and you will not be required or expected to do work-related tasks after hours. Rather than quantity, the focus is on quality of work. After three years of service, you will apply for residency.


9. France


The types of employment in France open to foreign workers vary depending on whether you want to stay in France for a short period or seek a full-time career. You can work as a tutor, au pair, or on a vineyard in France, but these positions seldom last longer than a year. Company jobs in France in major cities such as Paris are an excellent chance to learn about the French culture while gaining valuable work experience. Working in France, of course, opens up many possibilities in the sectors of food and hospitality, such as restaurants and hotels.


So, if you're thinking about going overseas, look at these countries in addition to the usual country like the United States. Before settling on a country post-Covid 19, it will be essential to consider a variety of economic and employment factors.


10. Bahrain


Bahrain has one of the world's most powerful currencies. Among the Gulf countries, it is one of the most accessible and stable. People from various cultures live here. The country has a great work-life balance, and Indians typically have no trouble finding work. Salaries are competitive, and housing is reasonably priced. You will also work here and collect a tax-free wage. There isn't much to miss here, particularly for an Indian, because almost everything is available.


Be prepared!


We hope you got the idea about where to move after the lockdown is over. In case you find an exciting opportunity in any of the countries mentioned above, we suggest you be ready.


Be ready with your passport and visa application. Some countries offer visas to find a job first before you relocate to the country. Chances are immense if you know what type of visa you require. For the same reason, we are here to help you. We will make sure you fly to your dream destination with no hassle. Contact the best visa and immigration consultants at Aspire World Immigration Consultancy Services LLP. We are among leading overseas and abroad job consultancy in Delhi.

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