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Top 10 Abroad Jobs That Pay Well

Top 10 Abroad Jobs That Pay Well


Is working abroad an important opportunity you need right now? Well, now that you are making an important and major move, check out the article to know what all you have on board with your journey abroad.


With the increasing connectivity in the world today, it is easy to secure jobs in the global market. Be it through virtual means or by actually working physically in the workspace, everything is possible today. Companies have begun to look for resources through new avenues and are also considering paying well for efficient and trained resources. This has increasingly interested many workers in moving and switching around to companies while taking advantage of the volatility of the market demand. You can get the abroad job with the help of the best consultancy for abroad jobs from India.


Here are some good well-paying jobs that can pay you well abroad:


1. Teaching English as a Foreign Language


Yes! You could teach English to individuals who need your help. This is one of the well paying jobs you could find, without much effort. Added to this, you can also choose to teach in your preferred mediums and timings. You would require some basic training or certification in order to have more students coming in.


You don't need much experience to get your first student, but it would be payable based on the region and position and necessity in a specific location.


2. Cruise Staff


Wondering how this could be a good choice? Well, be surprised! There is a lot more than what you can just see! The idea of travelling while you work can be very interesting, but do remember that it is not a vacation. You may require an initial certificate for fitness in order to work in seas. If you don't get seasick, there's a good chance you can find a position that suits your fancy. This is quite a competitive space, but there is nothing like having a job where you can travel as well!


3. International Journalist


This is quite an unexplored space where with great observation, communication and network building, you could be an international journalist as well! This can range from being embedded with a military unit in a war zone to investigative economic documentaries. Highly competitive but offers great opportunities in terms of career and travel.


4. Be A Civilian Contractor


Civilian contractors are not restricted to just real-estate or any specific avenues. It can range from or specialise in Security, Health care, Engineering, Construction, Interpreter, Education, etc.


5. Tourist Guide


Don't worry! It isn't very difficult like you think. A person who arranges the whole study tour, from logistics to booking reservations for travel and hotels, any cultural activities or group fun is a tour guide. If you can learn and be an expert at guiding foreigners or students to the monuments, famous squares, pilgrim areas, you are ready to apply for the role. It comes with an obvious perk that you get the chance to travel some breath-taking places quite often without spending a paisa. This can require specific training before you go extensively to work, but this doesn't remove the fun.


6. Peace Corps


This requires a 27-month commitment, and you may/may not have to leave the comforts of your home. The tasks or duties assigned range from teaching school children or helping them build sustainable food systems, or even help with disease prevention/relief.


You will be given a reacclimation stipend and also be given recruitment opportunities with higher priority, especially in the State Department.


7. State Department


If you have always dreamt of a big job, working for a specific country's government, here it is! In a nutshell, this will help you provide better opportunities to make life easy abroad. You will also witness the variety of multiple career tracks available, and also switch based on your skills and interests. You can always apply in the government portal or get in touch with a person working for the government to refer you.


8. Oil Rig Worker


There is a high demand for skilled workers, where it is mostly worked on for Oil and Gas Exploration or Mineral Extraction. It's foreign and mostly offshore in countries with lucrative salaries. This does involve you to be physically healthy while also gives you ample vacancies on-shore (months or even years).


9. Freelance Translator


When leveraged well, translators do have a lot of scope based on where and whom they work for. With sufficient verbal and written ability in two or more languages that are in high demand, you can become a freelancer in demand. This could be used by companies who converse in region-centric languages, government opportunities, or even embassy roles.


10. Travelling Fitness Instructor


The access to this requirement is so huge, ever since the pandemic. Be it gyms, resorts, porsche apartments, recreational facilities, personal coaches, and so on., fitness instructors are quite a hyped requirement but doesn't seem to be going away sooner!


Be clever about it and choose to be available in the time you prefer, and also extend your opportunities with more certified training.


To know more about opportunities abroad, click here.

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