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Best Tips to Re-apply for Canada Visa after Visa Rejection

reapply for a Canada visa


The process of acquiring a Canadian work visa seems quite straightforward, but sometimes it can prove to be a struggle. While many people know that receiving an offer letter is the most difficult part of the work process abroad, it may be even more difficult to obtain a work visa. Unfortunately, it is not unusual for overseas aspirants to have their application for a Canada visa rejected.


As Canada is such a favourable work destination, many skilled workers aspire to pursue a lucrative career in this country. However, the popularity of Canada makes it considerably more difficult to obtain a visa because of the high number of applicants.


To ensure that your Canada work visa application is approved and that you experience a smooth process, it is important to understand the common causes behind the refusal of a visa in Canada. Here are the six most common ones.


Reasons for a Canada Visa Refusal:

  • Inability to provide correct and accurate relevant documentation.
  • Failure to demonstrate adequate financial assets to fund your travel to and from Canada.
  • Failure to comply with international safety standards, such as in instances where the candidate has a criminal background.
  • Failure to comply with health standards.
  • Hiring an Unregulated Immigration Consultant
  • Visa officers have doubts about the applicant's objective or his/her application.

There could be other factors that may contribute to a rejection of a Canadian visa, but all of them fall under the criteria listed above. If your application is rejected, you may be entitled to request for a refusal or to re-apply for a Canada visa. However, in the case of an appeal, you cannot expect the visa officer or the embassy authorities to consider an appeal to obtain a temporary visa. The best choice would be to apply for a new visa with your newly updated application.


Here are the steps you can follow after you have denied a Canada visa.


How to avoid Canada visa rejection in 2021?


The letter of refusal you receive provides several hints and important details as to why your application was rejected. Read it carefully and pay attention to any details you can identify that you can use later to improve your re-apply case. You can also request access to the notes taken by your visa officer when examining your application. This can enable you to resolve any issues that can arise in your re-application. Remember that it is also possible for the new application to move through another visa officer who might have a different opinion of the documentation issued.


Request an Appeal


It can also be a good idea, depending on the situation, to consider your eligibility for appeal, either with the IAD (Immigration Adjudication Division) or with the Federal Court of Canada. Remember, however, that this appeal is only acceptable for a fixed period and should be followed up immediately. If this applies to your case, it might be a good idea to seek the assistance of an immigration consultant or lawyer who specialises in applying for a Canadian visa to improve your chances of acceptance.


Reapplication Procedures


Following the denial of a Canadian visa, applicants should be mindful of the regulatory guidance suggested for filing a new application. Remember what these steps are and be sure to follow them closely to prevent any complications for the second attempt around. The steps you take to re-apply can vary depending on the type of visa you need.


Reasons for Canada Student Visa Rejection


Canadian student visa applications are denied for the same reason other forms of applications may be refused:

  • Inability to show sufficient financial resources,
  • Evidence of intent to leave after the completion of the programme,
  • Ambiguous travel or identity papers.

Two particular reasons for rejection of Canada student visas are that the IRCC may challenge your choice of programme or your letter of acceptance. If the immigration officer who checked your case does not see a correlation between your chosen programme of study and your academic or work history, they may be inclined to deny your application. To fix this type of issue, you would want to make sure that you explain your reasons for selecting a specific programme of study in your statement.


Acquiring a Canada Student Visa After Visa Rejection


Reapplying after a Canada student visa rejection or refusal is a choice, based on the reason(s) for the refusal of the application. There are various reasons why a visa application is denied. The letter of refusal provides a lot of important information that can justify why your application has been rejected. Read it carefully and take note of any details you can find that you can use later to improve your re-application case.


Canada Work Visa


In the Canada work visa, the most common grounds for rejection are those referred to as the general grounds for refusal of a Canadian visa. However, the distinction between rejection and return is necessary to remember concerning Canadian work visas.


A rejection will result from failure to prove finances, to prove motive, to provide supporting documentation, to comply with requirements of health, safety or criminal admissibility. On the other hand, a return can occur as a result of the programme quota being filled out, or as a result of missing documents/incorrectly completed application materials.


If the programme you have registered for has already met its quota of approved applicants, you will sadly not be able to re-apply for that particular programme at that time. However, if your request has been returned for missing information, you can easily correct and re-apply these errors.


Canada Visitor Visa


If you are denied a Canadian Visitor Visa, you may want to follow the usual procedure for evaluating the grounds for denial, correcting any discrepancies, and presenting any additional details before re-applying. If you are confident that nothing was missing from your original application and that the immigration officer made a mistake, you might be entitled to appeal. You're going to want to find the best immigration consultant in such situations.


Let Professionals Help You


It is possible that if your visa has been rejected, you would not have used a visa expert or immigration lawyer. If you want to have some chance of having the rejection reversed or a second application accepted, it is important to get your hands on the Physical File of Immigration.


It would be vital if you knew what facts, or lack thereof, had persuaded the officer to conclude that if the visa was accepted, you wouldn't go home. An immigration lawyer will have access to your file to decide which aspect has prevented you from obtaining a visa. The laws that cover the denial of a Canadian visa can be quite difficult. It might be best to speak to an experienced immigration expert or lawyer who can provide proper advice and assistance to your case.


Here at Aspire World Immigration, we have had decades of experience in helping foreign aspirants avoid visa rejections. If you are interested in hiring services of our best immigration consultants then make sure you connect with us.

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