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Tips For Hoteliers & Chefs to Get the Abroad Job

Tips For Hoteliers & Chefs to Get the Abroad Job


A career in hospitality is a great way to get started to see the world while also following your passion in different countries abroad. The invaluable experience of witnessing a new culture will help you showcase your creativity and enjoy the unique experience.


Also while working as a chef or hotelier, there are some entitled employee benefits like having discounted accommodation at properties, coupons for food & beverage, and many other such incentives. You may also get to meet some celebrities in the journey of working in an established hotel.


Step 1: Qualifications


Working abroad requires a certain display of work ethics and recognition before going into the market. So, if you're looking for any chef/hotelier job across the globe, you need to be backed with qualifications initially! This could be applicable to any hospitality based job abroad.


Be it for a manager level position or in-line level job role in a hospital group, it is necessary to have the right knowledge and qualifications.


Qualifications cannot be ignored as this is not a passion where you like to bake in your home kitchen. This is the field wherein you would make pastries for 1000s of people in an industrial kitchen space. Hotels & several other culinary spaces look for world class food, hygienic responses, while coordinating with other team members. Getting your qualification is not about having a degree on paper, make sure you have the right qualifications required for the 'hospitality' role.


Some qualifications are required to translate into something tangible and make it workable abroad. The international job market in hospitality is extremely limited and competitive, however, if you are quick in terms of understanding market requirements.


Step 2: Where To Apply


Securing a job can be hard while making yourself stand out in a totally different zone altogether. Be out there on LinkedIn, find and apply for jobs on the professional platform. Build a persona online so that recruiters can know more about your profile while connecting with various establishments. This will also notify you of current job requirements that fit your requirements.


You can also check out on sites like catererglobal.com and naukrigulf.com. You can also apply directly on brand's websites; be it international brands like Hilton, Marriott, Intercontinental Hotel Group, Hyatt, Accor, Jumeirah, Kempinski, Radisson, Best Western, Raffles, Anantara, and so on.


Step 3: The Interview


After having finalized the jobs you want to apply for, you will be directed to take a test with a series of job-related questions. Most a list of questions and criteria for the brands/hotels you are applying for.


If you've been short-listed as a prospective employee, you might have an interview with HR. For example, chefs are usually asked how to prepare certain culinary related dishes.


Step 4: The Paperwork


Once you get the job, be ready for the paperwork. You ought to know the roadmap to be onboarded in terms of paper work and visa regulations based on the location.


Usually some common requirements that you should be ready with:

  • Passport size photo
  • Criminal record check
  • Medical Clearance Certificate
  • Qualification Certificates
  • Employment Certificates (if any)

Each brand/hotel has its own set of policies to follow. It is important to understand the documents you require before moving to the destination. Do note that the company you will be working with ought to provide you a work permit so that you don't enter the country as a tourist or in any other illegal ways.


Working in the hospitality sector can be quite challenging and tiring. Be very people-oriented and not just a guest in the unknown land. Make friends, colleagues who you will see at work and also spend time with outside the work hours. Be ready to be taking instructions initially, following new work etiquettes, and be prepared financially for unforeseen circumstances. Build good connections and network as much as possible! If you are interested and want a chef job abroad, contact us at Aspire, one of the most reliable visa consultant in Delhi. All the best.

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