The client shall not be entitled to receive any refund if the case gets rejected due to criminal or security reasons / concerns raised by the visa granting country.

No refund shall be granted in withdrawal cases after the termination of prescribed period .i.e. from the starting day of the process.

The Client agrees that he/she is not entitled to claim any refund if he/she does not show up for visa interview or does not clear visa interview because of her own incapacity. In case of lack of medicals provided by client or his family members, or if the clients fail to pass qualification credentials or education credentials laid by the immigration authorities, no refund shall be made to the client by the consultant.

The client agrees that he / she shall not be eligible to claim a refund after receiving reference number or client visa interview date is approved and if the client is not available on the contact details provided by the client, if the client fails to submit documents before the date allotted by the concerned embassy and / or if the concerned embassy asks for any additional documents during the visa interview.

The Consultant is not responsible for refund of any fees or other amounts/charges that have been paid to any Assessing Bodies, Immigration Authorities, Embassy/Consulate/High Commission in the event of the applicant not getting approval of visa/immigration, or in case of rejection or non-acceptance of his/her application at any stage by any respective authority. The registration/processing fees only includes the charges towards the services rendered by the Consultant and does not include any application or assessing fees. The applicant agrees to pay the entire additional fees, as applicable during the processing.

The client agrees that he/she is not entitled to claim any refund if he/she does not show up for job interview or does not clear job interview because of his/her own capacity within a given time frame allocated by the employer during the job assistance process.

The Client accepts that the immigration process includes showing enough funds, if applicable, which differs from country to country and the process/category the applicant applies. The applicant undertakes to meet such requirement as desired by the concerned immigration/other authorities, and failure to provide such funds by the Client shall not make the Consultant liable for any refund of the service charges or part thereof. The funds to be shown may range from INR 1-10 lakhs (the amount would increase if you are accompanied by dependents) which is agreed to by the client; and these might be required for a particular time period which might range from 1-12 months tentatively and may vary. The failure of showing the same while applying for a visa may lead to the application being denied or not accepted. In such cases, no refund request of service charges will be entertained.

The consultant shall not be held liable for any refund if in case the applicant/client wants to withdraw the process due to any uncertain reason as it involves government and legal Affairs.

The Service Charges by the Consultant have no reference to the market charges and are as per the company standards to which the client agreed. Any claims after the registration, like charges being too expensive and such, would not be entertained and the applicant would have no right to contest the same as it was explained and expressed through all the sources of information, and the client has been informed before registering.

The Consultant has not offered any sort of assurance, advice or pledge on work or job assurance, following an approval for permit and after landing for any given overseas country. No compensation will be claimed of any advisory/consulting/secretarial service charges offered earlier to the Consultant by the client on the ground that the Consultant has been unable to offer a job guarantee abroad.

There are certain countries which have a cap system, and hence the approval of Visa/Green Card/Permanent Residence is subject to the cap not reached for that year. The client may have the required points as required by the immigration authorities of the specified country, but he/she still may not get the Visa/Green Card/Permanent Residence if the cap has been reached for that year. Failing to get a Visa/Green Card/Permanent Residence because of the cap limit cannot be a reason for claiming refund, and in terms of the present agreement the client fully understands the same.

The client shall reveal before the Consultant, each and every detail involving each and every case, existing or past, cases of wrong-doings and/or conviction, and insolvency leveled against the clients and those who are dependent on him. If he does not reveal such details, and if the same is found afterwards, no refunds at all of the money given to the Consultant will be made.

The client undertakes that he/she has been apprised of the usual waiting durations/average processing time, as appropriate to his permit class, and further that such waiting durations/usual processing time solely depends on the convenience of processing visa office/appraisal body. The client also fully agrees and realizes that he will never have any claims whatsoever on any sort of refund of the charge made on or off-site, on the ground of the extended petition processing time periods

The consultancy charges given to the Consultant does not comprise any amount owed to any Governmental organization, and to any language testing group or for any other reason, and shall be restricted to the services and duties of the consultancy as duly set and decided under the AGREEMENT inked with the client.

The client herewith agrees to meet all the requirements of the concerned authorities who conduct assessment or decide on visa outcome. The client also agrees to submit all the documents including originals if required by the concerned assessing authorities. The client understands that any failure on his/her part to submit these documents or part thereof is an independent failure of client and the Consultant is in no way responsible for the same. Hence, the client agrees that failure to produce documents cannot be a valid reason to claim a refund.

The client will settle all charges which may be owed to a variety of government and skills appraisal bodies and language testing organizations such as but not restricted to the skills appraisal costs, residency visa petition costs, the IELTS/French test, health tests etc. The given charges are strictly non-refundable and not adjustable by either any of the receiving offices or the immigration consultancy, notwithstanding the final conclusion on the visa petition. A favorable appraisal or conclusion is the sole prerogative of the involved organization, even as the immigration consultancy exercises no control at all over the final outcome at any phase of the visa petition. The Consultant has given no assurance whatever of a favorable appraisal or end result of the projected petition of the client in any phase.

The client shall also make certain that he/she is married or in any relationship which is acceptable to be considered as dependent–the spouse or the acceptable dependent appears for an IELTS/French/or any other language test and offers a report with minimum score as is appropriate on the basis of the decided SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT with the Consultant. The client fully understands and concurs that his petition cannot be presented minus the needed IELTS/French points of the marital partner even while no compensation of the advisory/consulting charges given to the Consultant will be claimed or made in a situation, wherein he fails to receive the SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT prescribed IELTS/French total of the marital partner. The said test, together with the associated report, is necessary towards the documentation for wedded clients though the client may not ask for points for the qualifications of his partner.

If the application/petition is returned/rejected/delayed owing to an error in the application fee or mode of payment, the Client agrees not to contest on withdrawal of his application on this ground; as the payment and the mode of the payment of application fee is the sole liability of the applicant.

The client will offer every needed information and papers, such as English translations, in an agreed form as sought by the Consultant and the involved Visa Office. It has been fully agreed upon by the immigration consultancy on the ground of the facts and papers presented by the client. In case the furnished details are discovered to be inaccurate or fake or deficient or incorrect, the offer will not be entertained by the concerned Immigration authorities. Moreover, the immigration consultancy takes no responsibility whatsoever for negative impact on the result of the petition and the ensuing rejection on this basis. No refund shall be claimed–either of the consulting charge or the amount paid to the government organizations under such situations.

Both the parties clearly understand that the rejection of visa application of the Client by the concerned authority on any ground whatsoever is the sole discretion of the said concerned authority and that the Consultant’s role is limited only to the extent of compiling and filing of the visa application on the basis of the documents and the information made available by the Client. In any event, on rejection of a visa application, the client cannot hold the Consultant responsible for the same and no claim of any kind whatsoever can be made out against the Consultant therein.

If the client is not sending the original legal contract to the company within 1 week after receiving the contract Agreement then his/her case will go on hold and considered as close. The client cannot claim for any refund.

No refund if the client fails to submit the documents by the date allotted by the embassy.

No refund if the embassy asks for any additional documents during the visa interview.

The consultant is not responsible for any refund if client withdraws the case due to any uncertain reasons as it involves government and legal Affairs.


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