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Question: Which are the top immigration destinations of the world?

Answer: Though there is no grim ranking for immigration destinations, however on predilection basis the top global immigration destinations are:

Canada, Germany, Dubai, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, USA, UK, Singapore, Hong Kong

Question: How is Aspire world immigration consultancy services llp better than any other immigration consultancy

Question: Why should I choose Aspire World Immigration consultancy services llp

Moreover the information given to the client is always correct and accurate

Question: What is an immigration program and visa permit?

Answer: Immigration programs of a nation allow foreign nationals to visit their land for a valid purpose. Visa is a document enabling you to enter the issuing nation for work, study, business or settlement purpose.

Question: What are the things I should know before applying for a visa?

Answer: You should be acquainted with the visa category you reduction in as well the annual immigration quota of the nation as well as of the program you are applying for.

Question: The documentation requirements for visa are so extensive! How can I meet them in time before the Quota gets over? What happens if my application is returned?


Question: Why should I enter into a consultant-client relationship with Aspire World Immigration immediately?


Question: What is immigration?And why should one apply for immigration? What are the best country to immigrate

Answer: A. Immigration is nothing but moving from one country to another in terms of settlement, study,work or business Immigration is announced by develop countries who have many resources but don't have enough manpower to utilize these resources so a country announces immigration for utilization of resources and increasing the economy of the country

Question: What is the difference between PR and Work permit

Answer: A.PR is permanent residency visa wherein you enjoy every right what the citizen enjoys except right to vote, it is always a government approved visa it doesn't bound you in any contract, the entire family can migrate together ,the entire family gets medical and education benefits

Wherein in Work permit it is a employer bonded visa where a employer hires you and this visa doesn't give you any facility of a citizen

Question:Criteria for applying any visa

Question: What is IELTS/TOFEL/GRE and why is it needed

Answer: All of these are English proficiency exams which are use to check your English proficiency whether once you are in a foreign land you should not face any problem related to language

Question: Why are funds required for any visa to apply

Answer: Good bank balance or funds are required to check the financial stability of the client whether he is stable financially and won't do any criminal offence once landed in foreign land due to money

Question: Why should a client pay for any visa services

Answer: We understand that's it's your hard earn money and we value that every bit we value your money that is why a minimal amount is only taken for the resources that have been utilized for your case And the expense that occur during the filing of your case

Question:Criteria for applying any visa


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