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Reasons Why You Should Learn The French Language

Every language has its own distinct culture and style. And, French is one of the ancient languages thatare immensely popular. Reports say that French is 6th most popular spoken language by a total number of speakers. Also, it stands at the 18th rank as the most natively spoken language in the world. Learning this auspicious language has become much easy with the start-up of French language courses in Delhi. If you wish to learn and explore French, this article is what you must read.

Top 10 reason to learn French

There are multiple reasons why you should invest your time in deciphering the French language. The most convincing reasons are listed here. Give a read and find your reason to speak fluent French.

1. French comes next after English

We all know that the world goes around with English. However, not many of you may be aware of the French dominion. Around 220 million people choose to speak French along with English on 5 continents. French is the second language after English that is widely spoken in the world. Hence, if you know how to speak French, you can easily communicate the majority of the population on earth.

2. In maintaining international relations

French is an official language of the United Nations as well as the working language. If you are considering pursuing a career in international organizations such as UNESCO, the International Olympic Committee, NATO, etc; you should surely have a command over the same.

3. To learn other languages

Almost about half of the modern-day English that you know and speak is derived from French. Languages such as Portuguese, Italian, etc become easy to learn if you are well-versed with French.

4. Better Career Asset

French is not restricted to Europe only. It is the official language in around 29 states across continents. In the whole of Europe, around 40% of the population speak fluent French. If you are looking forward to moving abroad, you must be familiar with both English and French. Enrol yourself in the best French learning institute in Delhi and increase your career options.

5. French Literature

The world of French literature opens up to a higher level of understanding and knowledge. There is so much to take in from famous French laureatesand writers such as Victor Hugo, Marcel Proust, Jacques Prevert, and many more. Even though you can read the translation, but the divine joy that you witness reading the original French text is beyond contemplation. The French culture leads to a parallel universe of exquisite and incomparable culture. Once you get hold of this language you would be able to comprehend the words of popular French songs by celebrated artists such as Charles Aznavour, and others.

6. Settlement in France

Some of the most noted universities such as Pierre Marie Curie University, Sorbonne are most likely grant admission if you know French. If you want to get an internationally recognized degree, you know what is required now.

7. Paris Tour

France is among the top tourist destination that attracts millions of visitors in a year. To make your Paris tour more meaningful and exotic, you must know a little bit of France. Even if you want to travel to Canada, Switzerland, and other places your knowledge in France is going to help you a great deal. To get a vivid insight into the rich and regal French culture you require to know their language. And, that way you can make your trip more memorable and meaningful

8. One of the most studied language

French occupies the 2nd position asone of the most studied foreign languages in the world. Reports suggest that around three hundred thousand students opt to study France in about more than 130 countries. And, this is the demand for French.

9. Easy to pick

French as a language is easy to acknowledge and learn. French bears a high reputation for being excellent and that motivates students for more proficiency. Also, it is quite fun and does not take much time to gain a hold over it.

10. Quest for knowledge

Lastly, every language opensthe door to new possibilities and knowledge. Speaking one or two languages is not enough.

Learn French with the Experts

Many French classes in Delhi will help you in learning French in the right manner. Find the best institutions and speak French fluently. That is the only reason why one must select the best possible mentor to learn the prolific language in a more and more customised manner.

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