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Reasons to Apply Australia PR


Reasons to Apply Australia PR as an IT Professional in 2020

If we talk about job opportunities, Australia is aggressively looking for skilled professionals to fill the huge gap in the Australian workforce. Over 190,000 highly skilled professionals were given Australia PR visas in 2018-19 and for 2019-20. Moreover, the new changes in immigration point system will highly benefit the STEM professionals. Therefore, if you are an IT professional and want to apply for an Australia work visa, see the major reasons to apply Australia PR as an IT professional in 2020.


Apply for Australia PR Through Australia Skilled Migration Category


Australia Skilled Migration Category is the fastest and easiest way to acquire Australian citizenship. Apply for Australia PR visa to enjoy benefits such as:

  • ✔ Earn in dollars
  • ✔ Healthcare & retirement welfare
  • ✔ Reside, work or study anywhere in Australia
  • ✔ Sponsor your relatives, close family or friends to come over in Australia
  • ✔ Australian passport permits you to travel visa-free to a number of countries

New Changes to Australia Immigration Point System


Australia’s immigration policy adopted new changes in its immigration point system in 2020. All the changes made in various visa and PR categories are very important. According to immigration experts, newly introduced complex changes are going to provide relaxation in certain new visa streams.


Highlights of the changes are as follow:

  • 1. New guidelines for points for Australia PR which allows candidates to claim more points for various achievements
  • 2. New regional work visas introduced for subclass 491 and 494 replacing two old subclasses
  • 3. New permanent visas proposed to be in action from November 16th 2022
  • 4. New high-skilled visa scheme launched ’Global Talent Independent Program’
  • 5. Introduction of Supporting Innovation in South Australia (SISA)- Australia Business Visa
  • 6. South Australia’s addition of 174 occupations for sponsored visas (DAMA program)

Changes in points for PR and EOI

  • 1. 10 points for applicants with no spouse or de facto partner
  • 2. 10 points for applicants with a skilled spouse or de facto partner (earlier it was 5 points)
  • 3. 5 points if an applicant’s spouse has a competent level of English
  • 4. The applicants with a certain STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) qualification will be awarded extra 10 points
  • 5. 15 points are awarded to those with territory government or State or sponsored by the member of the family living in Australia.

More Points to IT Professionals


Australia will assign more immigration points to professionals with a STEM qualification. Hence, if you are an IT professional or any STEM graduate, this is your chance of acquiring an ITA for Australia PR visa easily with a pretty decent score.


IT-Based Profession: Occupation Ceiling


The demand for highly skilled and expert IT professionals in Australia always stays on the higher side. Therefore, in the year 2020, the Australian immigration authority will see in its maximum capacity to invite more immigrants around the world. Thus, the Occupation Ceiling for the major IT professions, i.e. Database and Systems Administrators and ICT Security Specialists, Software and Applications Programmers, Computer Network Professionals, ICT Business and Systems Analysts, etc. is much higher this program year as compared to previous years.


For example, Computer Network Professionals have a ceiling limit of 2,553, which implies that a huge number of IT professionals may receive job offers for this particular occupation.


Regional Work Visa Subclass 491 Features


The important features of Skilled Work Regional visa are:

  • ✔ Each year 14000 places to be allotted
  • ✔ Over 500 occupations under the list of the shortage occupation
  • ✔ Applicants up to the age of 45 years can apply

The applicants will need to acquire a sponsorship or nomination from an authorized family member, who is a citizen in Australia.


Visa Subclass 491 Requirements

  • 1. Your age must fall under 45 years
  • 2. 6 band each in IELTS
  • 3. Employment offer from an authorised Australian employer
  • 4. You must offer a fair evaluation of the skills in reference to the job for which you are requesting nomination
  • 5. Some territories and regions can ask for proof of finances
  • 6. You must be nominated by a region or territory in Australia

Visa Subclass 494 Requirements


Australia’s regional employers can hire skilled foreign staff for their companies. Only employers who have an arrangement with the Australian Government can sponsor you. The requirement for visa subclass 494 are:

  • ✔ Your age should not exceed 45 years
  • ✔ A nomination from an approved Australian employer
  • ✔ The occupation you are applying for must be from the shortage occupation list
  • ✔ You must get your skill assessed
  • ✔ The minimum IELTS band required is of score 6 in each section

Skill Select Invitation; Great Opportunity to Get Selected!


The applicants need to submit their Expression of Interest in the Skill Select system to apply for Australia PR. The minimum score to get an Invitation to Apply for Australia Permanent Residency is 65 points for most of the IT occupation.


With the new Australia point system came in effect on November 16, 2019, achieving this score won’t be as difficult as it was before. Therefore, acquiring ITA for Australia PR becomes easy.


Call Best Australia Immigration Consultants in Delhi


If you are looking to apply for Australia PR in 2020 as an IT professional, you must get in touch with the most qualified the best immigration consultants at Aspire World Immigration for world-class visa assistance. Aspire World Immigration Consultancy Services LLP is the most favoured and registered and the best Australian immigration consultants in Delhi. AWICS is associated and registered with the MARA. our case manager’s team provides complete assistance to the aspirants immigrating to Australia on Skilled PR visa, tourist visa, work visa, family-sponsored visa, etc. Aspire World Immigration, every year assists thousands of visa applicants to apply for Australia PR and get approvals in less time.

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