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Work in Germany through Patient Assistance Programs

If you are looking for a career in nursing then Germany has a lot to offer. Germany is inviting certified nurses to live and work in Germany through Patient Assistance Programs. There is a massive shortage of skilled employees in the Health sector in Germany. Moreover, Germany is the perfect place to work for nurses as it the highest paying country in the world. This amounts to the best opportunity for nurses in India who are looking to upgrade their career. Since the Indians follow a different set of healthcare rules and regulations from Germany, applicants applying under Patient Assistance Programs will be provided with specially designed adaptation programs for instilling the required needs for working as a nurse in Germany.

Become a Certified Nurse with Patient Assistance Programs

Nowadays, due to the population of retiring people in Germany, only 3 applicants are there to apply for a position. The “Baby Boomers” generation in Germany has started to retire and many of them might need the care and assistance at an old age.

Around 84,000 certified Nurses are needed in Germany. The number of qualified nurses is not enough to assist these people. The gap would be increased over 200,000 Nurses by 2030. That’s why Germany launched Patient Assistance Programs to educate foreign nurses according to the German medical standards and offer them a place to grow. So far Nurses from the Philippines, Spain, Romania and Hungary have joined retirement homes and German hospitals. Now, the opportunity knocks on the door of Indian Nurses to join the cause in Germany and earn big money.

Benefits of Migrating Through PAP

  • Directly getting placed in an eldercare home or a hospital with a contract of at least 3 years.
  • Successful completion of the program provides you with a degree comparable to any other European country.
  • Lucrative salary
  • Eligible to bring your family along after 3 months of the programs.

What an amazing program, right? It is crystal clear that working as a nurse in Germany can provide you with the boost to take your career to a whole new level.

Who can apply for Patient Assistance Programs ?

You are eligible for this program if:

  • You have a degree in BSc. Nursing.
  • Relevance work experience with 3 years duration.
  • You are no older than 48 years.

Patient Assistance Programs: EU Certified Nurses

Certified Nurses from an EU country are directly accepted in Germany under Patient Assistance Programs. Only if their country joined the European Union before them acquiring the certificate. Yes, EU Nurses need to apply for acceptance under this program- but only for a formality.

The process of filing the application for Nurses from other countries is complicated. Yet, as guaranteed by the German government, the application will take 3 months to be decided.

Patient Assistance Programs: Language is the Key

The bigger challenge here is the German language. This is because, as a Nurse, you will be working with the people who often speak only German. You will have to report daily health reports in the German language which demands good language skills.

This is why Nurses are not given full responsibilities in the initial first year. Also, they will be provided with intensive German language training in that period so that they can work on full scale from the next year.

Salary Under Patient Assistance Programs

Talking about the salary: A nurse who just acquired her degree can start at about 2,400 EUR Brutto (Gross Salary). After significant tax and insurance deductions, this leads to a NETTO (Net Salary) of 1,580 EUR to 1,800 EUR.

The applicants who are not fluent in the German language will get less salary of around 1,800 EUR Brutto (Gross Salary) in the first 12 months. Moreover, their working hours will be less as compared to other German-speaking nurses: About 36 hours per week.

How Aspire World Immigration can be of Assistance ?

The documentation for any visa process can be a daunting process. Since you will be applying for the adaptation program it will require your documents to be sent to Germany directly. Therefore, proper guidance is needed from the immigration agents. Our visa experts are available to guide you through PAP smoothly so that you start your Nursing career in Germany without any difficulty.

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