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Overseas Jobs That You Can Join Without Prior Experience

Overseas Jobs That You Can Join Without Prior Experience


Living, working and settling abroad can be quite a dream come true. However, it is always hard to get started without prior experience, and with some part-time jobs you can manage while looking for your main job. But, is it easy to afford a lifestyle and sustain abroad? Well, it can be if you find jobs that can be found without any prior experience. Working for part-time opportunities while pursuing your true passion without any prior experience can expand your perspective, turn you into a global citizen, and help gain skills that can give you an advantage over others.


Here are some popular jobs you can try getting without any prior work experience.


1. Find vacancy in Super yachts


Cruise ships can be quite a fantasy but you know what! You can not only travel to places but also stay in a super yacht where you can make good money and make connections with almost no experience. Once you are hired, you will be trained and helped with the role and responsibilities. You require some certification to prove that you are safe to work at sea. STCW 95 and ENG 1 are some of those certifications.


You can be a personal trainer, massage therapist, hospitality team member, waiter, cashier, or even a guide. This floating vacation stay could be your temporary home every summer break or based on your study break. However, remember that you are serving travellers and you are not a traveller yourself.


2. Teach English


You won't believe the immense potential this field has in the market. Today, you can teach students across the world to speak and write English without having to travel places. The internet generation has made it all easy for us. You don't need any experience in teaching, and you can pick how much work you want to do and when you want to do it as well.


Teaching in Asia usually has a bigger market and you can start consulting without any constraints, provided you are good at English. If you're studying or fresh out of college, you can always start this without any major investment from your end. Just determination and you can teach your students!


3. Working in Australia


Australia allows foreigners to spend a year there and provides a 1-year work visa where you can do any job you like. Most of the jobs do not require any experience, and the only requirement is the passport. Come here and take up any job of your choice that is available in Australia.


4. Being a Nanny


You can be a nanny for a kid, pet or home that can help you work overseas without any significant time wastage. You can work without any prior experience here. You can also have free accommodation as you will be working there. Strike a deal with people you can trust and ensure to have backup plans to avoid mishaps, and fill in the conditions, not-to-do lists before you start working with them.


You get to pick where you go, how many hours you want to spend doing this, and also the environment in which you want to set up. Search for families in the areas nearby and feel family, being home away from home.


5. Volunteering


NGOs or Non-Governmental Organizations usually referred to as ''non-profits'' are mostly worked in because of strong belief and gratitude emotions. You can do this while you major in a subject or even while working. However, do not expect a lavish lifestyle while working there unless you hit it big out of your graduation or work.


Volunteering is this awesome way to get started with working and also building connections. You can learn to stay humble, grounded and give back to the community while also earning some bucks. To get started, this is a great place to start.


6. Ski Resort


If you are an outdoors-person, this is for you! Ski resorts are always filled with international travellers and snow, such places require trainers and a hospitality team. Teaching skiing, or taking care of the needs of visitors are some high demand jobs in ski resorts. Usually mountain places allow and sponsor you to work for them during the season, so enjoy the weather and earn some bucks while you do so. Remember that you are not on vacation yourself.


7. Start a Blog


Ahem! This looks a little unstable but it has a lot of potential that not many know of. This does take a little more time to start earning and it is better to not expect making money right away. Find out what you love and start writing or blogging on that. The choices are endless, so make your passion into a money making machine.


8. Become A Freelance Digital Employee


If you haven't worked on this yet, well you are missing out on a lot!! All you need is to find a skill that you are good at or want to develop. Any computer skills, be it writing, marketing, graphics designer, animator, or any other internet-available skill, can launch your career like never before. There are many websites available to provide freelance projects. Personal branding can also help you earn more chances to get more clients.


This has become the buzzword since the pandemic as you can work from home without any travelling or without any fuss about not having time. All you need is an internet connection and the skill.


9. Work for a Hostel Abroad


Hostels are some places where you can not only find roommates and friends but also jobs. This gives you a more vibrant human tide, and this serves as a hub for business contacts. Some hostels are usually full during a particular season. Working in those times can get more money as they will be looking for additional staff; be it to clean dishes, a hospitality staff, waiter, or receptionist. This is a heck of a cool experience to have for young nomads who want to make that extra bucks.


10. Tour Guide or Director


Don't worry! It isn't very difficult like you think. A person who arranges the whole study tour, from logistics to booking reservations for travel and hotels, any cultural activities or group fun is a tour guide. If you can learn and be an expert at guiding foreigners or students to the monuments, famous squares, pilgrim areas, you are ready to apply for the role. It comes with an obvious perk that you get the chance to travel some breath-taking places quite often without spending a paisa. This can require specific training before you go extensively to work, but this doesn't remove the fun.


This is just the tip of the iceberg, there are many other skills that can be monetised while you study or work overseas. Traveling and forgoing a career can become difficult but nothing is impossible. Keep your priorities straight and you will get things done. To ease things more, you can get in touch with us as we are a reliable overseas job consultant in Delhi, India.

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