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NZ Work Visas Hit Record High Despite Immigration Changes

Work visa numbers have hit a record high despite changes to control immigration numbers.


[Publish By: Radio New Zealand]
Manitoba Drops Score To Lowest Point Yet For Express Entry Candidates

Expression of Interest score drops to 519 in July 6 draw, down from previous low of 545


[Publish By: CIC NEWS]
Visa Process To Be Made Smoother For Foreigners: Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh

The IVFRT project has been implemented in 165 Indian Missions abroad and 91 immigration check-posts. Biometric software has also been installed in 132 Indian Missions.

Alberta Reduces The Number Of Occupations In Its Refusal To Process LMIA List

The Government of Alberta has decreased the number of occupations considered ineligible for the Temporary Foreign Worker Program to 24 occupations.

Why Indias Gulf Dream Is Getting Smaller And Smaller

NEW DELHI: The number of emigration clearances granted to Indians headed to the Gulf for employment has halved to 3.7 lakh in 2017 from 7.6 lakh in 2015.

SINP In-Demand Occupation List

SINP applicants for the International Skilled Worker sub-categories of Occupations in Demand and Express Entry are required to provide documentation related to professional status or licensure.

Unfair, Going Back To India: US Spouse-Visa Shift May Hurt H-1B Holders

H-1B Visa: The Trump Administration has been tightening the rules for H-1B visas, which allow foreign workers to take jobs in the US for several years, and plans to revoke the ability of spouses to work as part of the effort.

New Job Seekers: Spouses Of Indian Techies In US

Wipro may have dropped Donald Trump from its list of risk factors, but for Indian IT professionals and their spouses in the US, the President's policies remain a big threat.

Indian Tourist Visa Rate Up, 6-month Tourist Visa Out

KUALA LUMPUR: The six-month Indian tourist visa for Malaysians has been scrapped and replaced with a visa of one-year validity, priced at RM462.56.

London Top Hub For Indian Tech Investment

London has emerged as the leading European destination for Indian entrepreneurs with the technology sector bringing in a large chunk of investments from India, according to new data released today.

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