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European Commission Urged To Investigate Malta Visa Racket

Socialist MEP Ana Gomes on Friday wrote to European Commission Vice-President Frans Timmermans urging the Commission to ensure that the procedures to grant visas to third country nationals were followed and to "punish exemplarily those found involved in engineering any kind of criminal activity and breaches of the Schengen visa system".

UAE to grant free 48-hour transit visa at hubs like Dubai, Abu Dhabi

NEW DELHI: People flying between India and the rest of the world through United Arab Emirates' (UAE) mega hubs like Dubai and Abu Dhabi will soon be able to get a free transit visa to spend up to two days there. The UAE government has decided that to grant free transit visas for first 48 hours to transit passengers and this visa can be extended for up to 96 hours by paying 50 Dirham (about Rs 930). The date from which this will be allowed is yet to be announced, say Indian travel industry majors.

Indian Immigrants Wait 150 Years For Green Card Through EB-2 Visa: Think Tank

Immigration Visa News Updates For Indians

Legal immigrant workers from India with advanced degrees face a wait time for a green card that exceeds their lifetimes-more than 150 years, according to a libertarian think tank.

Indian Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi is Well Known to Cash the Opportunity at his Best.

Recently when Britain PM Theresa May was in India on her political/ trade tour where she met Mr Narendra Modi PM of India where they had a long conversation on many topics from Briain and India, where Britain's PM was sharing her thoughts on how Brexit will help Britain's economy and why she needs the trade deal with the most powerful economic country like USA, China and India.

Visa Startup Program approved by Portugal Ministry of Economy

The Visa Startup Program has been approved by Portugal Ministry of Economy. It is one of the measures that will be executed by the Government of Portugal via the Startup Portugal Program. This is aimed at enhancing the private enterprises in Portugal.

India must simplify Tourist visa procedure, suggests Russia

Tourist visa procedure must be simplified by India through an intergovernmental pact, said Vladimir Medinsky the Culture Minister of Russia. He was addressing the reporters in India. Simplification of the visa regime will enable an increase in the flow of tourists, added the Minister.

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