UK Visas Surges In Demand For Technology Sector Post BREXIT

The UK tech Visa demand soar with the requirement for computer language coders increased to four times following the past 12 months surge in the technology sector. This is a consequence of the aftermath of BREXIT which had also proposed one of its agenda ‘Immigration’ to be sort under the Theresa May government tenure.

Earlier 100-200 dedicated Visas for techies had been accepted with an upper limit of 260 technology Visa to harness UK technology endorsements as it had projected itself to be a Tech nation in David Cameroon’s regime which has now seen a down trend mainly due to support for work generation for EU-Workers.

There were 380 non-EU applications reported to be assessed to fulfill the current year’s demand out of which 260 application made its way for Tier 1 exceptional talent visa to allow free movement of immigrants. The UK tech Visa allows the immigrant to work in the country for five years. This Visa is dedicated mainly for remarkable technology oriented aspirant who would serve the country and be a participant in the growth of the economy.


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