Trump’s new proposal favorable for Indian immigrant hopefuls

Indian immigrant hopefuls with considerable skills and high qualifications will be luckier for their US immigration owing to the new immigration proposal of Donald Trump. On 9 October US President Trump has conveyed to the US Congress the new immigration system based on merit.

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Spouses and minor kids of the successful Indian immigrant hopefuls will also be able to join them eventually. In sweeping immigration reform plans, Trump proposed eliminating chain migration for extended family members. The family-based US Green Cards are to be limited to only spouses and minor kids.

The merit-based immigration system gives priority to economic contributions and skills over familial connections. This will be of many advantages for skilled and qualified Indian immigrant hopefuls. Trump has also proposed to establish a new system based on points for offering US Green Cards. It will be based on factors that will permit individuals to assimilate successfully and financially support themselves. He has also proposed to end ‘Diversity Visa’ lottery that limited immigration of Indians, as quoted by the Times of India.

Diversity visa lottery offers 50,000 US Green Cards every year to applicants from nations that are having lower rates of immigration to the US in the last five years.

Indian immigrant hopefuls who are fluent in English, well qualified academically, young and highly skilled will be favored by the new immigration system of the US. They will also have to satisfy several criterions before obtaining the US Green Card. It could result in youthful and highly skilled immigration to the US.

The US administration intends to bring in skilled, young and healthy immigrants so that social security and healthcare costs of infirm and aged US nationals can be subsidized.


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