Obtaining Canada PR as a self-employed person or as an owner of small business

Obtaining Canada PR as a self-employed person or as an owner of a small business is a different pathway altogether. The prospective immigrants in this category must first understand the immigration consequences.

This will enable them to appropriately time and structure their firms and assist them in obtaining Canada PR.

Many applicants believe that incorporating their business does not make them self-employed. On the other hand, it is never as simple as this. Thus, provisional overseas workers who are employees must wait before starting a business.

Overseas workers in Canada who own small business need not be discouraged completely. They have many options to consider for obtaining Canada PR, as quoted by the Canadian Immigrant CA.

The first option for a self-employed person or as an owner of a small business is the Federal Skilled Worker Class. It permits self-employment. The individuals who are self-employed can qualify for Express entry through this.

Canadian work experience through self-employment does not qualify for points in Express entry. But the owners of a small business can avail extra points through qualifying employment that is arranged. They can also apply for Labour Market Impact Assessments for employment exempt owner-operator. This also results in getting extra points.

Many Provincial Nomination Programs in Canada have Entrepreneur programs. These vary from one province to another. The Startup visa of Canada also permits immigration of overseas business people. They must either be receiving funds from venture capital or participate in incubators for this.

An overseas worker with experience as an entrepreneur in Canada is not qualified for Express entry points. However, the overseas work experience does qualify them for points. The Government of Canada can be expected to address this paradox as it looks to encourage the growth of small businesses.

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