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United Kingdom launches New visa for Foreign Doctors and Nurses to Work for NHS


The UK government unveils a new visa to permit foreign medical professionals such as doctors, nurses and others to work in the National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom.


Health Minister Helen Whately said: “The move would allow fast-tracked access for healthcare staff and would apply across the whole of the UK”.


The good news for medical professionals came soon after the UK Government introduced a points-based immigration system. The new points system award scores based on the candidate’s qualifications, specific skills, professions and salaries.


Mr Whately further added: “This Government will be introducing ann NHS visa which will offer reduced fees and fast-tracked access for overseas doctors, nurses and allied health professionals to come to work in the United Kingdom.”


The Home Secretary, Priti Patel will be outlining detailed plans in due course.”


However, the Visa won’t work in every sector


Former health secretary Jeremy Hunt said: “The new visa would not, however, apply for nurses and care workers in the social care sector.”


Mr Hunt said: “Can I congratulate the department on securing this NHS visa, but as the minister knows it does not apply to nurses and care workers in the social care sector.”


“What is the department’s assessment of the gap there will be in the social care workforce as a result of this new immigration policy and how are discussions going with the Home Office and Number 10 on that issue?”


Ms Whately replied: “I am well aware of concerns in the social care sector and particularly in areas where there are vacancy rates.”


“It’s important that employers make sure that they are taking the steps that they can take to make sure that social care jobs are attractive and, of course, should be well paid.”


“I recognise as well a role for government in this, supporting the role of working in social care and, overall, making sure we come together and fix the social care crisis.”

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