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India must simplify Tourist visa procedure, suggests Russia

The mutual visas can completely be eliminated as one of the options, said Medinsky. The second option can be the Chinese format in which group visas are offered in a simplified way. The corresponding initiative presented to the Foreign Ministry of Russia has been supported. On its part, the government of India is also in view of signing the pact for simplified Tourist visa procedure, added the Russian Minister.

The alternate pathway of South Korea model can also be followed, said the Culture Minister of Russia. A few years ago visas with this nation were eliminated by Russia. This resulted in an increased inflow of tourists from South Korea. As much 70% increase was witnessed in the first year, explained Medinsky

Tourism from Russia to India followed a uniform pattern. Nationals of Russia usually visited Goa, the tourist state. Educational tourism is also increasing steadily, informed Vladimir Medinsky. In 2016 around 170, 000 Russian citizens arrived as travelers to India, a hike of 30% from 2015, as quoted by the TASS.

The Culture Minister of Russia said that affluent Indians are arriving in Russia who reside at top hotels and spend a lot. This is good or the tourism and hospitality business in Russia added Medinsky. He noted that in 2016 70,000 Indian citizens arrived in Russia through the tourist visas

The tourist flow of Indians to Russia will increase further. This is if a pact for abolishing visas or simplifying visa procedure is signed, said Vladimir Medinsky. If you are looking to Study, Work, Visit, Invest or Migrate to Russia, contact Aspire World Immigration Services the world’s most trusted Immigration & Visa Consultant

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