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Tips to Increase Your CRS Score in Express Entry System

Canada Express Entry System is highly competitive. Thus, only the applicants with the highest Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) scores receive Invitations to Apply (ITA) for Canada Permanent Residency.


Now, you've shown interest in one of the Express Entry programs, You've proved your eligibility and have created an Express Entry profile. Now you'll sit back and wait for the Invitation to Apply (ITA), right? Well, unless your CRS score is the highest among other candidates, this approach can be a disappointing one for you. Without an active approach towards your Express Entry Profile, you may fail to acquire points that you are entitled to. Moreover, it may be the case that you lose all the opportunities to increase your CRS score and enhance your position among the other applicants.


The CRS follows a dynamic system and your CRS score is not rigid - you can always take steps to upgrade it and get closer to acquiring a Permanent Residency in Canada. Improvements either nudge your score up a few points or can bring as many as 600 additional CRS points. Whether you require just a few points or a big boost to get your invitation, this post here has got everything you need. Readout to find Tips to Increase Your CRS Score in Express Entry System.



Do You Speak French?


Did you know other than English, French is the official language of Canada? Both languages can get you extra 260 CRS points. So, take French classes and achieve proficiency to gain more points. Extra points are awarded for improvement in each ability of the language (listening, reading, writing, and speaking). The scores are improved only after you achieve a Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) a level of 9 in each of the four language abilities. If you have achieved fluency in French with training, you can take the Test d' évaluation du français (TEF).


Add More Credentials to Your Education


You can come to Canada and pursue any study program to get more score on your card. It is not necessarily important to pursue a degree program. A diploma can also do wonders. Having a Canadian study experience is a huge bonus for your Express Entry Profile. It does not matter if the study program is not related to your service field, you should claim this on your Express Entry profile. Express Entry awards point for education regardless of the area of study and whether or not it relates to your current work.


Gain More Work Experience 


Even though Canadian professional experience is much more appreciated than non-Canadian work experience, keep on working till you have enough experience. This is even more important for applicants currently working on a Canada work permit in Canada because there are more points awarded for this job experience and up to five years is awarded for each annual threshold. Only make sure you retain legal work status all the time when you are employed in Canada.

Is Your Spouse Skilled?  


Applicants with a skilled spouse have an additional potential for increasing their CRS score. The spouse's education, work experience and language ability can be rewarded with up to 30 points. 20 points are rewarded to your partner's primary language ability and 10 points for their education credentials.

Apply Through Provincial Nominee Programs 


Applying through a Provincial Nominee Programs can provide you with a direct 600-point boost. A nomination under Express Entry Provincial Nominee Programs from one of the territories or provinces adds 600 bonus points to your actual CRS scores and will in most situations secure you an ITA on the next draw. It's important to present your full work and education records, stay updated and prepared with all your documents to make your application process hassle-free. PNP profiles often close quickly, therefore, be quick about it.

Obtain Job Offer First 


Obtaining a job offer first then applying for Canada Permanent Residency can get you 50 extra points. This remains a very important factor for permanent residence status. Though, getting a job offer seems difficult if you are not currently in Canada. But, you can always apply with the best immigration consultancy in Delhi for job assistance.


Get Help of Canada PR Consultants


If you can't seem to find a way to utilize these solutions, you might want to take the assistance of Canada PR consultants. Aspire World Immigration is a leading Canada PR consultancy in Delhi. We'll help you in preparing for your Canada Permanent Residence application. We have been providing aid to many Indians to migrate to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Europe and many more countries in the world. If you need any help, book a date with the best immigration consultants in Delhi.


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