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How You Can Easily Get Australia Immigration Visa

One of the most important things to clear before moving to another country is the visa regime. Australia has a highly complex visa system, which includes over 150 different visas. It is therefore essential to select the right visa in each case with the help of Top Australia Visa Consultants.

Qualified professionals, such as doctors, engineers, nurses or craftsmen who intend to emigrate permanently to Australia, require a "General Skilled Migration" visa. There is a points system for the General Skilled Migration Program; Professionals generally have a good chance of getting an Australia Permanent Resident Visa. Requirements are -

  • Age must be under 45 years
  • Need to have a good command of English as shown by IELTS score
  • Has learned a trade recognized in Australia
  • Has a job or profession that is on the Skilled Occupation List (SOL)
  • Has completed vocational training, a university degree or has sufficient work experience

The visas are awarded either as temporary or permanent. Since the visas are very popular and the demand for each profession is crucial, you should apply early.

For successful business people, investors and company founders there is a special visa category, the "Business Skills" visa. This includes three categories: "Business Owner," "Senior Executive" and "Investor." These can be given in sponsored form (by an Australian state) or unsponsored form.

All those who migrate to Australia through a job offer have a much easier time, as they can get sponsored by their employer in the form of employer-sponsored migration visas. This requires an age limit of up to 45 years and the receipt of a three- or two-year employment contract with an Australian employer. Besides, professional recognition and three years of work experience are necessary to get a permanent residence and work permit sponsored.

Spouses or life partners, as well as close family members of Australian citizens and Australian or New Zealand nationals, have the option to apply for a partner or family visa to live and work permanently in Australia. To get a two-year temporary partner visa first, you have to be sponsored by your fiance or partner. Afterward, a permanent partner visa can be requested.

Australian family reunification also requires sponsorship from a close family member so that family members, parents or children can emigrate to Australia.


It isn't at all difficult to migrate if you have good support of Australia immigration consultants For the application for a visa, all important documents such as certificates and professional experience must be translated and certified. Also, you will need translated proof of a perfect police certificate of good conduct and a health certificate. The visa application is to be submitted to the Australian Embassy. Allow enough time, the visa processing can take up to six months. This is followed by invitation to an interview in the Australian Embassy. Foreigners must have spent at least four years in Australia before applying for Australian citizenship.

We Aspire World Immigration Consultancy Services LLP offers a wide range of Visa and Immigration Services. If you want to apply for Australia Immigration Visa You can direct contact us enquiry@aspireworldcareers.com and call us at +91-1147094723, +91-9711287974.

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