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How To Immigrate To Canada From India?

Immigrating to other countries is often the biggest decision of someone's life. However, leaving everything and moving to some other country for better living and working conditions is considered as a symbol of growth.

Considering, the status-quo of India and it's ever increasing population and pressure on economy, people are flocking to countries with better job opportunities and standard of living and one of the most preferred countries is Canada, also known as "mini Punjab" for its huge Sikh community.

Canada with endless opportunities in various fields has been attracting a lot of immigrants every year. Yes, immigration is an expensive process, but Aspire World Immigration Consultancy provides the best visa services along with immigration experts at a pocket friendly expenditure making it worth every penny.

Moreover, Aspire World Immigration Consultancy is not only confined towards providing visa assistance for just Canada, they specialize in other countries as well.

Immigration to Canada has various categories for the applicant to choose from. The fastest being the following.

Express Entry

To immigrate through Express Entry, the applicant must be a skilled worker to be able to settle in Canada permanently and contribute to their economy. Express Entry manages the application through three programs.

Federal Skilled Worker Program

Federal Skilled Worker program specializes only in the immigration of the applicant with foreign work experience who wants to settle in Canada permanently.
  • 1. This program has minimum requirements for;
    • Skilled work experience
    • Language eligibility
    • Education

The applicant must meet all the three requirements to be eligible.
  • 2. If the applicant meets all the minimum requirements, then their application is accessed on the basis of their;
    • Age
    • Education
    • Work experience
    • Whether the applicant has a valid job offer or not
    • English and/ or French language skills
    • Adaptability

These factors are a part of a 100-point grid used to access eligibility for the Federal Skilled Worker Program.

The current pass marks are 67 points.
  • 3. Then minimum skilled work experience requirements are assessed, where a skilled worker must have worked in at least 1 National Occupational Classification (NOC) job groups which include;
    • Managerial Jobs
    • Professional Jobs
    • Technical Jobs and Skilled Trades

  • 4. Then the language eligibility of the applicant is ascertained. To assess the English and French of the applicant, the applicant is supposed to take two tests to prove proficiency in both. The tests on which the language proficiency is ascertained are;
    • Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) for English.
    • Niveaux de competence linguistique canadien (NCLC) for French

  • 5. These tests assess primarily 4 abilities of the applicant, which are;
    • Writing
    • Reading
    • Listening
    • Speaking

The applicants are expected to score a minimum of 7 in Canadian Language Benchmarks in all the 4 abilities. Further these scores are added to the applicant's form to be marked further.
  • 6. Educational qualifications of the applicant are considered further.
    The applicants must have the following documents;
    • A completely scrutinised credential.
    • An educational degree which must be attested by an approved agency for the fact, that the educational degree obtained by the applicant is equivalent to any higher secondary or post-secondary qualification of a Canadian school.

All the processes and guidelines are provided by Aspire World Immigration Consultancy to make the process well versed and thorough so that the applicant becomes eligible for immigrating in one go without any hassle. The visa immigration consultants prepare the applicant thoroughly to make sure they do not fumble during the interview for the visa.

Aspire World Immigration Consultancy provides the best visa assistance in Delhi and it has many successful applicants living peacefully to Canada. All this smooth immigration process has been made possible because of the best immigration experts available here, at Aspire World Immigration Consultancy.

For people looking for a budget friendly immigration consultancy to help them move to their dream destination Aspire World Immigration Consultancy welcomes you to experience our budget services and fervent attitude to help you attain the desired results.

We are the best immigration company in Delhi, India. Don't miss to the chance to get immigration Specialist advise. For further details please call us at +91-97-11287974 or drop your query at enquiry@aspireworldcareers.com

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