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How To Get Investor Visa In The USA For Indians

US Investor Visa


US Investor Visa


Most Indians wish to get a US Green Card. Sadly, due to the recent crackdown on H-1B visas, and also the substantial waiting lists for EB-2 and EB-3 visas, Indians have been forced to pursue an alternative way to live and work in the United States. As a result, the widely successful US investor visa or EB-5 Visa USA program has piqued the interest of Indian nationals.


The EB-5 visa is an excellent and the fastest pathway for an Indian to get a Green Card in the United States of America. It can be seen as a golden opportunity for those who can invest a considerable amount of funds into the business sector in America.


EB-5 Visa: an overview


The EB-5 Program was introduced by the United States Congress in 1990 to attract foreign investors with the ability to receive a U.S. Green Card by investing in a U.S. business that generates jobs for Americans and benefits the economy.


The EB-5 Investor Visa Program allows Indian residents to receive a green card in the United States by investing a minimum of US $500,000 in a newly established commercial enterprise via a Regional Center. It is one of the simplest and quickest ways for Indians to immigrate to the United States, and also it is considered the perfect alternative to the H-1B Visa.


Even though it is a quick road to American citizenship, the process may be frustrating for some Indian investors. Working with an established team, such as U.S. Immigration consultants can provide Indian investors with peace of mind.


Why Immigrate to the USA?


The USA has always been on the top list for almost every Indian Businessman no matter in which sector he or she is. Gone are the days when America was considered the best market for Information Technology, the globalization has emerged the way which opens up the door for all the potential business owner's whether they are in the security business, export and import, manufacturing, design and marketing, Fashion, Jewelry merchants are to name a few. You can consult to Best Investor Immigration Consultants in India they will make you understand every bit of information you want to know about EB 5 Visa or Investor Visa for the USA. Aspire world careers is the one name among the Best Investor Immigration Consultants, they have a very successful track record.


Benefits of Investor Visa USA from India


The EB5 Visa or Investor Visa USA from India has several benefits. It will help you get permanent residence in the USA which will allow you to bring your spouse and any unmarried children below the age of 21. It will allow you and your family to receive Green Card.


After getting an EB5 visa which is known as an Investor visa the investor becomes a permanent resident of the United States of America and allows availing these benefits, The EB5 visa for Indians provides an opportunity to get US citizenship. Help children to pursue educational opportunities in the USA.


Give the freedom to work, travel, and live anywhere in the united states.


So if you are a business owner and your business model can perform in the US market you should give it a try to apply for an Investor visa. Before you make your mind you have to think of so many things related to your business. Like the opportunity, it will offer to the USA market, how it will benefit you and your business after relocation or shifting your business there?


US Investor Visa for Indians: Requirements


After all self-assessments and explanations by the investor visa experts, you are very much set to give it a try. So here we are giving you some important information's about investor visas in the USA.

  • The very first condition is, whether your business is capable enough to survive in the market and can it offer at least 10 jobs to USA residents or in other words you have to hire a minimum of 10 employees from the USA.
  • The next condition is you have to have an investment capability of a minimum of $500,000 which later on can be reimbursed in few cases. Reimbursement is subject to qualify the guideline set up by USA officials.

These are the basic investor visa requirements that you should know before you apply for an investor visa for the US. These all requirements can be explained by us at Aspire World Immigration by our investor visa experts they are the highly trained professional with very good experience.


Now the main question is, how to apply for the Investor Visa for the USA?


The EB5 visa or Investor visa can be applied in two ways, the business owner applies it direct or through Reginal Centers. Thus all the investors for EB5 visas have and have to decide whether they apply for their visa through the Regional Centre or Direct program. In our experience at aspire world careers, we came across many Indian investors who were confused about the concepts of risk and control when it comes to making the decision. The direct EB5 program allows the business owner or the investor to invest in his or her business a direct investment. Direct investment can be a higher risk than an EB5 visa Regional Center Investment. These confusions can be cleared by our experts at Aspire World Careers.


We at Aspire World Immigration have been assisting our clients with our expertise in helping them obtain EB5 Visa for years now. We advise and guide if required at every step of the process of Investor visa filling. We prepare the file as per the US law and we discuss every case with our best immigration consultants in Delhi having ample experience dealing with Visa applications.

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