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How To Get Canada Work Visa Or Study Visa From India?

Most Indians are eager to migrate to Canada. The Canadian rules are relatively more relaxed and allow many thousands of Indians to settle there every year with the help of Canada Work Visa Consultants.

One can apply for a work visa in Canada after receiving a job offer and employment contract from a business or company based in Canada. The employer has to obtain several permits from a department of Canadian government known as Employment and Social Development Canada. The permission allows them recruitment of skilled and semi-skilled workers from abroad if the Labor Market Impact Assessment allows it.

Canada is one of the most developed nations in the world and a favorite location for people from abroad to move. The Canadian Work Visa allows business people and employees to work in Canada for a limited period.

With the help of the Best Visa Consultants For Canada, you can secure for yourself a work visa in Canada using our hassle-free process.

Canada Work Permit Visa Benefits

Each year hundreds of thousands migrate to Canada in search of a better life. This offers a massive opportunity for workers from abroad to enjoy life in a First World nation. The benefits of work visa in Canada are:
  • Permission to stay and work in Canada with the employer whose name is documented in the visa application.
  • Use the spouse and family visa for bringing dependent to Canada.
  • Live in any location in Canada
  • Be able to apply for a permanent residency visa later.
  • Eligibility For Work Visa In Canada

Applicants should be able to provide proof that they have the skills needed to take up the job offer. The various documents required are as follows:
  • A valid passport with duration of greater than 6 months from the date of arrival in Canada.
  • Two copies of passport sized photos.
  • Certificates proving educational qualifications
  • Valid proof of relevant work experience detailing the previous employers and the duration of employment.
  • Proof of owning sufficient funds for expenditure upon arrival in Canada
  • Medical examination to be done from impanelled hospitals.
  • Application fee of the visa

During the interview, the candidate has to be able to convince the immigration officer that he/she will return from Canada.

Is IELTS Required?

IELTS test is mandatory for anyone applying for work and permanent residency visa. The required IELTS bands have to be obtained. In some cases, it is possible to qualify in French since parts of Canada use French as an official language. But Indians usually try to get certification in English.

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Categories of Work Visa

The following types of workers and immigrants need a Canadian work permit
  • Temporary Workers - Canada offers open work permits (no employer specified) and employer-centric work permits depending on the type of work and qualifications. Temporary workers may seek an extension of stay.
  • Permanent Workers - Through Express Entry Visa Program, those seeking a permanent stay in Canada can seek immigration.
  • Business - Those who have a business in Canada or are being transferred to the Canadian branch of an international company requires a business work visa.
  • Agricultural workers - These workers are mostly needed to work on crops and for harvesting. They are eligible for Seasonal Agricultural Work Permit.

Apply For Student Visa In Canada.

Canada has top-rated universities in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. Students who have successfully applied to these universities can seek a Study Permit and a Temporary Residency Visa.

To receive the study permit requirements are:
  • A letter from the educational institution which proves your successful admission
  • Valid passport with at least six months duration from the time of arrival in Canada
  • A student also has to be able to demonstrate
  • They have sufficient funds to complete their education
  • That they will be able to provide for the living expenses
  • That they have no criminal record and intend to return home after completion of course.
  • Be able to pass a medical exam from approved hospitals
  • Like anyone else, students also need to take the IELTS and show proficiency in English.

Very often a few months after their arrival, students can seek a temporary work permit to work off-campus. The hours of such work are limited to 10 hours per week during the session and 20 hours per week during vacation.

Aspire World Immigration, which is the Top Canada Immigration Consultancy, can help you gain entrance to Canada through work permit or as a student with no trouble at all. They provide complete support and guidance during the visa application process and have experts who will answer every query accurately.

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