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How To Find Part Time Jobs In Canada

It is the dream of most students to receive a foreign degree. Not only does it make the CV look impressive but it also helps to find the latest curriculum and study with exceptional faculty.

Canada is one of the largest and most well-developed countries in the world and offers excellent opportunities for students from India. Canadians are warm and accepting people who allow those who study to stay on and become a permanent resident with right same as those of a Canadian citizen. Since the nation provides free healthcare of the highest standard and free education, it is a natural choice for migration and part time jobs in Canada for immigrants makes it a lot easier.

There is however the matter of cost. In developed countries the cost of living is expensive. Even with a scholarship that covers tuition, there is the cost of food and board that can be considerable in Indian currency running into several lakhs of rupees. But why worry? The Canadian government allows all students 20 hours per week. This increases to full-time work of 40 hours a week during vacations. Work and study in Canada is perfect choice for Indian students.

The payment is not very meager for Part time Job in Canada and is approximately $ 10 per hour. However, the work has to be on campus and not outside. This provides a lot of invaluable experience as a lab assistant or a teacher's assistant. For students from abroad who wish to work off campus, there is a work permit which can be availed after six months of study. This opens up an ample opportunity for part-time jobs such as working in a fast food chain or at a retail outlet or even a movie theatre.

Finding work on campus is quite easy. All colleges and universities have a system off announcing openings and invite applications. Every international student has a senior as a mentor who can provide plenty of guidance about Study and work in Canada.

Criteria for off-campus work

The Canadian government has put into place several criteria to be met while applying for an off-campus job.
  • The student has to be enrolled in a full-time course and have a valid student visa.
  • The student needs to have a social insurance registration and number.
  • The minimum level for eligibility has to be graduate studies, and school students are not eligible for work permits.
  • Only students at designated institutions are allowed to apply. Student at unrecognised private institutions cannot be off-campus job holders.
  • The subject of learning has to be academic or vocational which pursues a degree or diploma recognized by the Ministry of Education as a means for higher learning.

None of these rules, of course, applies to on-campus jobs.

How to find a job in Abroad

It is essential to write an excellent CV which lists your qualifications and builds on your strengths. There has to be an application for social insurance prior to any job hunt and once one has a SIN then an off-campus job permit. Due to the efficiency of the Canadian bureaucracy, none of these take a lot of time 1-2 months at most.

Armed with a CV, SIN and work permit prepare an excellent cover letter which lays down in detail why you are looking for a job. Of course, online portals that allow you to locate employment near your campus are a great boon.

Not only job portals but you can take advantage of your network. There is a huge number of Indians living in Canada, and very probably they are the first ones to help out a student with part-time employment. At least the expatriate community is a valuable source to receive good references. If you cannot find a job immediately, you should start as an unpaid intern. It will reflect well on your CV that you are willing to work hard to gain experience even if you are not getting paid for it.

Final words

Choose the job carefully so that it does not in any way harm your ultimate objective of doing well in academics. Try and collaborate well with your employer and co-workers and provide a positive impression. As an unknown person, you would need references from Canadians time and again including when applying for permanent residency. After you complete your education, you are allowed to remain and work in Canada for 3 years. This gives you sufficient time to take up a job and apply through Express Entry System to live permanently.

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