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How To Find Australia General Skilled Migrant Visa Consultant is Genuine or Fake

With a flourishing economy and a picturesque location for having a decent life, Australia is a very lucrative option for migration for many Indians. The country offers abundant choices of work and it is one of the most progressive countries in the world which is why the number of Australian migration-seekers goes on increasing every year.

As with any other country, Australia also takes thousands of skilled migrants in every year, and there is a special visa called Australia General Skilled Migrant Visa that allows foreigners to stay and work in the country. However, there have been many scams related to the skilled migrant visa in recent times. According to top Australia Immigration consultants, the rising number of visa scams is a matter of serious concern for all.

Since many of the procedures that are involved with the General Skilled Migration Visa may be fishy, it is important to keep an eye on some factors to avoid any discrepancies in the process. Here are some pointers that offer practical and meaningful help to avoid such scams to genuine visa seekers.

Some Signs That May show Unscrupulous Intentions

According to Aspire World Immigration, an Australian Immigration Consultancy based out of Delhi that offers handy information about Australian work visas, Any offer from an unknown agency that tells about a 'guaranteed' Australian visa or an offer for Family Resettlement in Australia should be taken as a fishy proposal. As the Australian Home Affairs (HA) is the only body responsible for providing work visas and they do not send such emails, any such offer from any other agency should be taken with caution.

The scammers often present themselves as an agent of the Australian High Commission and show the offer as 'once in a lifetime' opportunity for you. These fraudsters often ask for an upfront fee for registration to some party that is not a part of any governmental organization. These scammers may also claim that they have special links with the DIBP and would ask for your original documents to be transferred to them.

The scammers may also use the names and logos of an Australian government site and show you false proofs of their originality by diverting you to a fake website. These are sure shot signs of a scam. Moreover, incorrect advice, asking you to lie on application forms, demanding money and failing to deliver services as and when required is also very subtle signs of a scam regarding the Australia General Skilled Migrant Visa offers.

Some Points To Remember

While the signs mentioned above show that there might be something wrong with an offer, there are some very important points to check while verifying any offer related with the General Skilled Migrant Visa for Australia, says one of the top executives in one renowned Australia PR Visa Consultants in India.

The first thing to know is that only the Department of Home Affairs (HA) offers Australian Visas, the HA's official website is www.homeaffairs.gov.au and there is no other party or branch or agency that can provide you with a genuine Australian Visa. Any genuine email from the Australian High Commission in New Delhi has a "@dfat.gov.au term at the end. The other genuine emails should end in "@abf.gov.au" or "@homeaffairs.gov.au as these are related with the HA processing office in Australia.

It is also a wise idea to check any email or website address with a sharp eye in details. Even if one character of the site or email is different, it may mean that the site or the email is not sent from a genuine authorized party. It is a matter of easy guess that the HA takes all fees regarding any Visa directly and there is no other third party that is approved or registered with the Australian government.

Some Protectionist Measures To Follow

It has to be understood really well by all Australian visa seekers that only the DIBP website available at www.homeaffairs.gov.au is the genuine source of information and it does not ask for money to rectify mistakes and also does not offer Visas via email or phone. In case anyone is interested to check whether the agent offering the services are genuine, they should log in to the site https://www.mara.gov.au/ where the details of all registered Australian immigration agents are listed. No one in any circumstance should provide their personal and professionals details or documents who want to keep them with themselves. The Australian High Commission and the HA never keep any original document with them, and they may check these in presence of the owner of the documents if needed.

Providing the Credit or Debit Card or the Bank account details is also risky. Top Australian Immigration Consultants in India are of the point of view that if you provide your financial details to any unscrupulous party, you should immediately talk with the Bank officials immediately to stop any kind of illegal and scamming transaction.

Apart from all of the measures mentioned above, it is a matter of easy guess that any job offer that comes via email that stresses on providing you with an Australian General Skilled Migration Visa must be checked for authenticity before acting on any suggestion mentioned therein.

End Notes

It is a matter of easy understanding for even a schoolboy that since Australia Permanent Resident Visa from India is an opportunity that is valuable enough; many unscrupulous agents may try to siphon money out promising to offer such an opportunity. It is the responsibility of the individual who seeks genuine employment in Australia to verify any such offer with an informed view and report any scam or fraud to both the Indian High Commission and the Australian Home Affairs departments as soon as it is detected.

Please remember that no one will sell or promise to offer a "guaranteed" Skilled Immigration Visa because the process involves a lot of procedures and even the Australian Home Affairs department cannot guarantee that a person will surely get the Visa without checking the details and documents thoroughly.

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