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How to change a tourist visa into a work visa in Canada?

How to change a tourist visa into a work visa in Canada


We get enquiries now and then on how to change a tourist visa into a work visa in Canada? Can anybody who is on a Canada visitor visa further apply for a Canada work visa? If you think a country like Canada would allow a visitor to work and earn while on a Canada tourist visa then you are mistaken.


We are here to put some light on the matter and free you from the confusion.


Let's get started.


First of all, Canada protects itself from labour fraud by not allowing tourists or visitors to work under any condition. Therefore, most people are unable to apply for a Canada work permit during their stay in Canada on a tourist visa.


Second, these two visas are entirely different from each other. A visitor visa allows you to explore the country or meet your family members for some time whereas, a work visa, on the other hand, permits you to get a job offer in Canada and earn a livelihood in a foreign country.


In Canada, there are no shortcuts to work, the applicant has to follow immigration rules and consider taking the ethical route to work in Canada.


Canada Tourist Visas Restrain All Economic Activities


The Canada tourist visa permits people from various countries to enter Canadian borders for tourism, family, or for short stays. The maximum duration of stay on a visitor visa may depend on the country of your origin. Also, it is the type of your application that determines whether to provide you with a single-entry visa or a multiple-entry visa.


One of the major eligibility criteria for these kinds of visas is to demonstrate that you will be returning to your home country, with proof of ties to home such as employment and/or financial assets. In other words, the main point is that you are not specifically coming to work in Canada on a visitor visa.


If an immigration officer realizes that you are trying to gain access to a work permit through a visitor visa in Canada, then you may be refused entry altogether.


According to the tourist visa requirements published on the Canadian Immigration website, working on a visitor visa in Canada can result in the applicant being deported back to the home country and also banning his / her re-entry to Canada.


However, all Canadian employers are now legally obliged to give work opportunities only to those applicants who have a valid work permit and number SIN (Social Insurance Number).


For any Canadian employer to recruit applicants with a visa to enter Canada, it is forbidden by statute. By hiring a worker without a Canadian work visa, employers may end up in a significant legal situation.


Only Feasible Way to Get a Work Visa


The applicant is recommended to always follow the law and keep a clear profile. A visitor is prohibited from seeking any paid job offer in Canada, as per the tourist visa conditions.


If an applicant has a Canada travel visa, re-applying for a Canadian visa with a valid work permit is the only way to change that. If the candidate's profile satisfies employment eligibility requirements and he/she has all valid documents he/she may get approved for a work visa.


Each applicant must also leave for their home country on the expiry date of the Canada tourist visa. Delay or failure to comply will force the Department of Immigration to report them to the Police and may also report their profile to other countries. It will disrupt future travel plans for Canada and even other places around the world.


How to Apply for a Canadian Work Permit From Inside Canada?


To apply for a ,Canada PR visa, one needs to get it done from outside of Canada only. However, certain exceptions allow you to apply for a Canadian work permit from inside Canada. You will not be denied work permit if:


✔ You, your parents or spouses hold a study or work permit of Canada.
✔ You have a Canadian work visa but want to acquire a work permit for another job in Canada.
✔ You hold a temporary resident permit in Canada for six months or more.
✔ You clear all the stages during your permanent residency candidature which ultimately allows you to apply for a work permit


What are the Other Ways to Get a Canada Work Visa?


Some people take an alternate route to acquire Canada work permit. Initially, they opt for a student visa by showing interest in a specific course offered by a Canadian educational institution.


This assists them to gain Canadian academic degree and allows them to work part-time. After finishing the course, candidates are allowed to remain in Canada for a reasonable amount of time and search for a suitable job.


If the applicant can attain a job after completion of the course in the allocated period, the long-term work permit may eventually be granted to him/her.


Can Immigration Consultants Help You Get a Work Visa?


Yes, immigration consultants can help. The best visa consultants in Delhi are always one step ahead in assisting. They encourage fake promises. Many consultants will promise you to turn your visitor visa into a work permit, but beware of such fake consultants as they can withdraw a huge amount of money from you without any fruitful results. Canada does not allow to work on a tourist visa and will never allow in the future.


Therefore, it is very important to entrust the best visa consultants in India only for your Canadian work permit, Canada PR visa, Canada work visa, student visa and more.


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