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How To Apply For Canada Apprenticeship In 2022?

how to apply for Canada apprenticeship in 2022


If you are looking to do an apprenticeship/internship in Canada, this article is for you. Doing an internship, work or study in Canada will need you to apply for a visa. Even for an unremunerated internship, you will require a work permit.


Why Canada?


Canada is one of the largest immigrant populations in the world where the Canadian government helps immigrants settle by understanding their rights and responsibilities within the possible visa jurisdiction. They are more reliable, friendly towards Indians, and have more integration with culture and prospects of staying peacefully in that livelihood. This makes it the most sought after destination for internship in India.


Being a very strong and culturally diverse economy, you ought to get real-life work experience that could further increase the chances of being employable in the global marketplace today! It's the opportunity of a lifetime!


How to find an internship in Canada?


Many international students require to have some type of real-life work experience in their university or college program that helps them leverage their career after the degree. If you are thinking about coming to Canada for an internship, here are a few things you should know.


The first and foremost point is to check if your country (In this case, India) holds an agreement with Canada's International Experience Canada program. This program allows international students from countries globally, with visas and work permits to do an internship in Canada. Do note that doing an internship without the correct permit can be punishable under Canadian law.


You can start searching for internship positions online in various job sites with a premium and well organised resume and cover letter. We recommend checking out our services for Canada immigration consultants in Delhi at Aspire World Immigration.


Below are some questions you may have in your mind during the entire process!


Is a work permit required to process my internship in Canada?


If your country is a part of Canada's International Experience Canada program, you need a work permit to do an internship in Canada. It is a complex process to seek an internship for international students, for both you and the employer. We at Aspire take care of the hard parts of getting to Canada on an internship. Be it your internship, visa, insurance or accommodation, and much more!


Requirements to complete internship in Canada


In order to do an internship, you must have some of the general requirements:

  • Age should be between 18 and 35 years of age.
  • Must hold a valid Indian passport.
  • Register yourself as a student during internship period in Canada.
  • Have an intermediate level of proficiency in English.

Can an international student do an internship with an ETA/ visitor or tourist visa, if the internship is unpaid?


The simple and short answer is No. You are not permitted to do an internship on a travelling visa even if you are permitted with an ETA. If it's volunteer experience & unpaid, it's not legal. It is important to use the right type of visa to be permitted to do an internship, orelse you may be stopped by immigration upon arrival.


What if I already have an internship? Can I fly to Canada with ETA if the employer has sent me the internship offer letter?


No, you are not permitted to enter Canada with an ETA even if you already have an internship offer. Though employers are ready to host your entry, many are unaware of the regulations and different types of visas available for internship. It is essential to be aware of the regulations. Explain to the employer about the complete work permit process and follow the government's laws. It's your only responsibility to find the right visa and complete your internship legally.


What is the duration of the visa process for internship in Canada?


At Aspire World Immigration, we recommend that you begin your entire process at least 4 months ahead of the required date of joining. It can take from eight weeks to four months, and it varies from case to case. Ensure to apply for this visa only if you already have an internship offer. Our team will help you work to polish your resume, cover letter, prepare you for Canada-style interviews, and schedule interviews with Canadian employers.


What happens if you come to Canada for an internship without a proper work permit?


It is illegal and punishable under law. You may also be sent back to your country and remain inadmissible to Canada in the future. Note that Canada's regulations do not allow any International students to work or intern in a paid or unpaid position without a proper work permit. Coming to Canada as a visitor and hiding or lying about internship information can get you into serious trouble. For this reason, be smart, and never take the risk.


Best time to apply for an internship


Note that the internship visas allowed to each country are limited. So, do not wait too long in the year to get a permit as there will be none left. It makes the permits available throughout the spring and closes again by the end of the summer. Therefore, we recommend starting your application process much earlier, between January and June.


Different types of internships in Canada

  • Marketing, PR, Communications

  • Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical, Environmental, Civil & much more in field of Engineering

  • Accounting, Finance
  • Logistics, Human Resources
  • Tourism, Hospitality & Events
  • Architecture
  • Computer Science & fields in the IT sector, and many others.

Remember that the entire internship experience in Canada will be a great asset and addition to your resume. Make many professional connections and stand out to employers before you return home. Turn the investment on an internship into a growth plan for your career. This will help you graduate with an international experience and there is nothing more better than that in today's global market!

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