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Canada Express Entry Eligibility Point System
Canada Demographics

  • Capital: Ottawa
  • Dialing code: +1
  • Currency: Canadian dollar $
  • Population: 3.71 crores (2019)
  • Language spoken: English , french
  • Population growth rate - 1.2% annual change ‎(2017)
  • Gross domestic product - 1.65 lakh crores USD ‎(2017)
  • GDP per capita - 45,032.12 USD ‎(2017)
Cost of living in Canada

House rent

  • Paying guest - 400$-750$
  • Shared apartment - 600$-1000$
  • Basement - 1000$-1400$
  • Apartment - 900$-2000$
  • Ownhouse - 1500$-2000$
  • Detached house - 1900$-3500$

Rest the rent also depends on the faclilities like location near metro, location near market and facilties provided


  • TTC
  • Single ticket- 3.25$
  • Weekly passes- 43$
  • Monthy passes- 146$
  • 1 year pass- 134$


  • Mobile bill- 35$-60$
  • Internet bills- 50$-90$
  • Elecricity , gas or water billes - 50$-100$


  • Per person per week
  • Home made food - 40$-75$
  • Restaurant once a week - $30

Gym - 30$- 55$

Movies - 10$- 25$

Total Cost

  • 1000$- 2500$ per month
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How Indians Can get a job in Canada ?

Every year, thousands of Indians fly to Canada in the hope of landing a perfect job. But, why Canada? If this question has troubled you, then you must have wondered as to how to get a job in Canada from India? India is known for its most competent and talented job-ready professionals. Sadly, Canada is amongst those countries that are facing severe scarcity in terms of highly skilled professionals. Therefore, it is evident that Indians are moving to Canada in a great number, as there are various jobs in Canada for skilled professionals.

India and Canada share a long history of migration. After all, India’s low employment rate and Canada’s scarcity in the job sector are the igniting factors of people moving to Canada from India. If you have the required skills in terms of work, qualification, language, etc. then obtaining PR visa in Canada is quite easy for you. In fact, PR visa can be an added benefit in your search for a job in Canada.

Canada Permanent Residency: How it helps in Acquiring Job in Canada ?

It’s a hot pursuit for Canada. The need for skilled professionals in various organizations is driving many immigration pathways to locate foreign skilled workers and offer them the opportunity to work and live in Canada. this is because a huge fraction of Canadian skilled force is going to retire in the coming years. Moreover, due to the country’s low population, it has been unable to produce skilled people to replace them. This is why, it is the best time to migrate through Canada’s skilled worker programs, such as Provincial Nominee Programs, Express Entry System, etc. The Maple country has a very lenient immigration policy. In order to make immigration easy for foreign skilled professionals, the IRCC has relaxed some of its policies. Therefore, attracting more and more foreign skilled workers to apply for Canada Permanent Residency.

Look for a job after acquiring Canada PR

IAs per Canada’s immigration plan, the government will welcome more than 1 million candidates as permanent residents in the coming three years. Hence, this is the best time to apply for Canada PR visa as your first step.

Your PR status will help you acquire the best job offer as the Canadian employers prefer those candidates with a PR status the most. That’s because once you got the Canada PR visa, the employer won’t have to go through the trouble of filing LMIA formality. The best and the most popular way to acquire Canada permanent residency prior to your job offer is to apply under Express Entry System or PNP, Provincial Nominee Program.

Express Entry System: What is it ?

Canada’s Express Entry System follows an online point-based system wherein candidates submit their profile with complete documents. The system thus analysis your profile on the basis of certain factors, such as educational qualification, age, language skills, work experience, adaptability, etc. and allocate points to the candidate. A skilled worker is required to score a minimum of 67 points to qualify for the next step.

The IRCC conduct draws to select applicants with the best CRS score from the Express Entry Pool. the selected candidates will now be asked to submit the Canada PR application within 60 days. It is a family visa, you can take along your family with you with effect to your landing in the country. And the validity of Permanent residency is for five years. The immigrants will enjoy rights equal to Canadian except for voting rights. Similarly, the PNPs also offer the PR status to the candidates with policies different from province to province.

Express Entry Program: Benefits

  • The transparent CRS system ensures that the procedure is followed truly without any discrepancies.
  • The total process takes up to 6 months to complete.
  • Selected applicants get the direct invitation to apply for PR status.
  • Immigrants can work and live anywhere in Canada.

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)- How it works ?

For the Provincial Nominee Program or PNP, different province or territory in Canada follows different eligibility criteria and the candidate is allotted with PR status only after meeting criteria of a particular province. If your occupation matches the demand of the province then only our profile will be considered at the time of evaluation.

  • PNP is a popular and easiest way to work and live in a desired Canadian province.
  • As the Canadian province is facing an acute shortage in several job profiles, therefore there will be many job opportunities for you.
  • It is a fast-track immigration system. If you get a nomination from the province, it will take only 4 months to complete the process.
  • There are no other requirements for employment.
  • You are guaranteed a Canadian Permanent Residence.

Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QAWP): How it Works ?

Under this process, you can apply for PR status but first, the approval is sought from the Quebec region and then it is sought from the Federal Government. The applicants do not have to produce a job offer for migrating to Canada but having a valid job offer allows extra points to the applicants. The immigrant will have to reside and work in Quebec nations and candidates with no intention of leaving the country would be given utmost priority. It is a family visa, with 5 years of validity.

Various ways to apply for Job in Canada

Basically, you can apply for a Job in Canada through two pathways i.e. one is by creating a job bank during applying for the PR in the Express Entry system, second is by reaching out to the employers by yourself in Canada.

Both ways can be used while being in the EE pool of candidates. let’s read more briefly about these two pathways.

Job Bank Account

Creating a Job bank account is the most famous and best option, in case you are wondering, how Indians can obtain a job in Canada for express entry. It is easy to operate, an online tool, which will benefit you for matching your profile with Canadian employer’s needs. It will reflect your skills to the employers so that they can decide easily.

Both ways can be used while being in the EE pool of candidates. let’s read more briefly about these two pathways.

Promoting Yourself to Canadian Employers

There are multiple ways to promote yourself to Canadian employers and obtain an employment offer. You just have to follow some steps and make aggressive and continuous efforts.

1. Rewrite your Resume: To apply for jobs in Canada, you must rewrite your resume as per Canadian job market standards along with an appealing Cover letter. Both these two documents are very important hence, you are required to give your 100% while preparing these documents. Though the motive may be the same to locate a job, however, these two documents may differ for different countries, based on the target job market, employers or trends in a particular state or country. therefore, make sure to reflect a lasting impression through your cover letter and match expectations of the employer and organization in first sight.
2. Contact the best Canada Job Consultants: Contacting the best Canada Job Consultants can take off the weight of finding a job by yourself off of your chest. These consultants have the connections and experience which can fetch an amazing job offer in Canada for Indians. Contact the best immigration consultants in Delhi and tell them that you are interested in acquiring a job in Canada and sit back and relax as they will guide you to have a smooth job and visa process. But, beware of the fake consultancies that are out there, as they can lure you to pay a hefty amount of money for Zero services.
3. Look for Job Vacancies in Tabloids or Newspapers: We all agree that exploring the newspaper for job search is the most traditional way. Subscribe to some Canadian newspapers and search for the right opportunities and contact the employer on your own.
4. Use LinkedIn Account: If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile already then create one and follow Canadian organizations and employers present on LinkedIn. Their updates will reflect on your profile and you will be aware of the latest openings and share your resume details with them as an applicant.
5. Explore Job Websites: Visit regularly the popular job portals available on the Internet. Upload your resume on sites such as,,, etc. Set your criteria for jobs in Canada and browse through the many possibilities. Apply if anything suits your profile.

Immigrate to Canada with These Profiles Easily

Job opportunities for Nurses:

TIf you have done BSC/GNM/MSC in nursing and have a minimum of two years of experience, then you can apply for the job opportunities for nurses in Canada. This opportunity can be the best option for you as the demand for Nurses in Canada is huge. You can take your family along with you and after 3 years you can apply for citizenship.

Jobs for Indian Dentist:

Dentist and assistant Dentist are high in demand in Canada. Pay for Dentists are usually high and anybody with a BDS or MDS degree and relevant 2 years of experience can apply. They can easily take their family and settle there. Manitoba and Ontario has relatively very demand for foreign dentists and has many lucrative opportunities for Indian Dentists.

Demands for Chartered Accountants:

Canada job market will be more than happy to accept applications for Chartered Accountants. The minimum educational requirement for Accountants is either CA or CS. Provinces such as British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and Ontario demand these professionals in huge numbers.

Jobs for Software Engineers in Canada:

Anyone from this profile can apply for the positions available in Canada. The job market is facing scarcity in this sector too. You can work and settle in Nova Scotia, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Ontario.

Healthcare Managers jobs in Canada:

There is a huge demand for Healthcare Managers in Canada. Anyone with MBBS or an MD degree and two years of experience can apply. The job market of Alberta, Newfoundland, Saskatchewan and Ontario are looking for professionals in this field.

Canada PR for Professors & Teachers:

Professors and Teachers can avail prolific job opportunities in Canada as the job market in Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan is looking for professionals of these profiles. Get Canada PR visa in 4 to 6 months.

Jobs in Canada for Architecture:

This profile has head-turning opportunities in the job market of Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Jobs in Canada for Web Developer:

Avail what Canada has to offer for this profile. As this industry is growing at a fast pace.

Jobs for Physiotherapist in Canada:

Job opportunities for Physiotherapist are in abundance anyone with a minimum of 3 years of experience and a relevant degree can easily settle in Canada.

Jobs in Canada for Hospitality:

This is a very fast and popular field when it comes to immigration to Canada. Professionals like Chef, F&B Managers, Restaurant Managers, Commie, Cooks and Captain & Steward, etc. are always in Demand in Canada. Click here to apply.

Important: Remember, why Canada PR boosts your chances of acquiring a job in Canada?

Having Canada PR prior to applying for a job in Canada provides you with an edge over other applicants with no PR status. Therefore, always go for PR first then look for the job. You need to go with one pathway that suits you the most. With the help of an immigration expert, you can find about your best pathway to get Canada permanent residency.

Get guidance for your next step from Best Immigration Consultants in Delhi

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