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How can you choose the most suitable immigration consultant for your Canadian visa?

How can you choose the most suitable immigration consultant for your Canadian visa?


Make Canada your new home and process the visa as smoothly as possible with Canada's immigration consultation in Delhi - Aspire World Careers. This decision is an important one, and does require a lot of thought and consideration before you get started.


Many in India dream to move to Canada and get quite detracked without a proper overseas job consultant. Choosing the right immigration consultant is best in order to avoid taking a chance of losing an opportunity.


We share with you some ways on how you can choose the most suitable immigration consultant for your Canada journey. The immigration process can often be complicated and confusing. It is highly recommended to always work with a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC).


While there are hundreds of licensed and unlicensed expert consultants doing business in the market, choosing the right immigration consultant is going to be amongst the most important decisions in your Canada PR Visa journey. A decision that might make or break your chances to immigrate to Canada. Find a detailed consultation with an accredited Canadian immigration consultant to ensure that you qualify for visa or immigration process. This helps you get an honest and realistic assessment of your chances of securing the best pathway for you and your family. This will help you tackle the problems that may occur and improve your chances of success.


Here are some tips!

  • The consultant ought to be an authorized personnel by the Canadian government. As an applicant, it is necessary to check this and confirm their registration with the ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council).
  • All ICCRC members usually have an authorization certificate as well as a photo ID card where the license letter starts with "R" and is followed by 6 digits.
  • Go to the ICCRC website, and check if the license is valid.
  • The Consultant should be able to provide a variety of solutions based on the requirement.
  • A consultant should be able to select a skilled worker program or other policies by studying your profile thoroughly, and help you get a Canadian permanent residence in the quickest timescale.
  • A consultant should be qualified enough to explain how temporary visas lead to permanent residence and create a personalized roadmap based on your profile and the current Canadian job market scenario.
  • A consultant should be aware of the updates in the immigration processes as even a small update may end up being an opportunity for you.
  • It is preferable when the consultant is backed by a specialized team for support in order to help increase the chances of success, even in the most challenging cases.

Some ways to check their authenticity & result-oriented approach.

  • Check the consultant's google reviews. Ensure to read online reviews of the prospective immigration consultancy that can provide first-hand unfiltered opinions of people regarding the consultancy/agency.
  • Check social media platforms of the prospective agency to look for a missing, empty or inactive page which could be an indication that the agency is fronting and not trustworthy.
  • Confirm the past record and find more about the experienced employees/team. Verify if the CEO of a consultancy/agency has a proper, decent reputation and if you can access the company easily if things go wrong.
  • Background check is a must when you are choosing a consultancy/agency to immigrate and relocate to a new nation which would include the fees for the government in the overseas nation. It is necessary to include these checks for your peace of mind.

Aspire World Careers a trusted and reliable Canadian Immigration Consultancy in India that helps many immigration and visa applicants every year to migrate to Canada. With the success rate, we would love to provide our entire support in a step by step approach and help you reach your destination.

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