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How Can I Get A Job In Germany From India?

how can i get a job in germany from india


Worried about the chances of getting a suitable career option in Germany? Clueless about the visa and the probability of getting one? Well, you will find answers to most common questions here.


Germany has always been some of the coolest places to work as it is one of the strongest economies in the world. Some of the high demand jobs in Germany are:

  • IT Specialists, Consultants or Analysts
  • Data Scientists/Analysts
  • Software Developers
  • Doctors
  • Mechanical and Vehicle Engineers
  • Electrical & Civil Engineers
  • Sellers in Retail
  • Scientists & Mathematicians
  • Nurses and Senior Care Workers
  • Metal Workers & Mechatronics
  • Electronics Technicians or Electricians, and many more.

Specialists have good prospects in Germany as they have more than 470,000 open vacancies in 30 different professional roles and communities. So, there are huge career opportunities out there not only for the residents but also for the immigrants aspiring for a life and career in Germany.


Getting a job offer from Germany while being in India is more probable when you have some experience and you are a specialist in your field while also gaining expertise on the German language and culture. This is now possible with the Skilled Immigration Act or the Blue Card.


Skilled Immigration Act


Skilled Immigration Act is known as Fachkräfte-Einwanderungsgesetz in German! This will ease the immigration and employment for skilled foreign nationals and make it easier for non-EU workers to work in Germany.


All you need is a job offer from an employer in Germany, and some basic criteria to be fulfilled. Some basic requirements are Passport, Job offer & Contract from the employer in Germany, academic qualifications in Germany recognition certificate, language proficiency of B1 level as per CEFR, Insurance proof, proof of funds, and so on.


You can reach out to us for a German job visa, we at Aspire World Immigration will help you with complete guidance and consultation. Our expert team members will keep you updated and help you track your own journey with all crucial requirements.


For Direct Immigration under Skilled Category, the skilled worker will have to provide proof for the communication skills that needs to meet the level set by the employer.

  • Through this, you can access the German Labor Market where there are no priority checks done now by BA. If you have good qualifications and an employer's contract, you are covered to get a visa.
  • Employment Opportunities are even brighter as you will have many positions open as a skilled professional. If you have a degree based on the recruiter's requirement, you can apply for those jobs without a tertiary education degree.
  • Employment for Workers with Vocational Education can now apply for occupations that experienced a skill shortage, more like an emergency skill requirement. But do remember that your vocational certificate must be recognized in Germany.
  • Naturalization and Citizenship gives you the privilege and law to attain a permanent settlement permit upto four years.
  • Residence permit for Training and Skill Development permits non- specialist or non-skilled career individuals with over 300 varieties of occupations to make use of this act.

Fast-Track Procedure


When an employer wants you to be a part of their company as soon as possible, they can do so with a fast-track visa application with the procedure fee of €411 along with the €75 visa fees (approximately).


This can take three to four weeks and the process is quite straightforward. This also allows the family of the skilled workers to come along and support & provide the support they require.


Contact world class consultants from Aspire World Immigration for more details, and be ready for your new career in Germany.


Blue Card


The Blue Card is offered to non-EU citizens for extremely qualified candidates who wish to live and work in Germany. The eligibility for this card is when the individual has a degree from a recognised university and gross annual salary of over 55,200 Euros.


A EU Blue Card that has been active for 33 months helps you qualify for a settlement permit in Germany, and is usually restricted for 4 years of stay.


Apply For Germany Work Visa

  1. Get a job offer from an employer in Germany.
  2. Submit your visa application.
  3. Collect all required documents.
  4. Book a slot for a visa interview appointment.
  5. Pay the visa fee for German Employment Work.
  6. Attend the appointment, and wait for the result on your application.

Required Documents

  • Two copies of the visa application forms, that are printed and signed.
  • Two passport photographs.
  • Valid passport, proof of residence, driver's license.
  • Compulsory certificate from German employer covering your Health insurance.
  • An employment contract or job offer with salary details and detailed description of the job.
  • Approval by the FEA (Federal Employment Agency), if applicable.
  • Your updated CV with cover letter, proof of Qualification and work experience.
  • Clean criminal record proof.

Where to Apply?


You can apply for the employment visa at any representative body of Germany in your country.

  • The German embassy
  • A German consulate
  • A Visa Application Center

Processing Time - It may take upto one to three months.


Once you arrive in Germany, you should go to the Foreigner's Office nearest to your place of residence. Make an appointment prior if necessary. Attend the interview and also submit the required documents for a residence permit.


If Germany has been on your mind, then you can approach the best German immigration consultants in India - Aspire World Careers. We are known to have dedicatedly service a larger number of clients and their immigration needs with utmost care and attention to detail. We cater to skilled workers, entrepreneurs, tourists, students, or families seeking help in immigration. Go ahead and contact us, and inquire all you want to ask them.

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