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Highest Paying Jobs In-Demand In Canada For Immigration 2021

Jobs in Canada


If you wish to settle in Canada then the year 2021 might be the best year for you. So far, around 5000 ITAs have been issued in January alone, think about the number of immigrants who will be invited for the rest of the year.


Initially, many foreign aspirants immigrate to Canada on the PR visa. The Express Entry Program and PNPs have made it quite convenient for skilled workers to get Canada PR. However, if you want to secure a future in Canada, you must evaluate your chances of getting a job first. There are several jobs in Canada that might interest you. Just ensure to select the profession as per your credentials.


With the Canadian industries gaining its strength back post COVID-19, the demand for highly skilled professionals has increased. Since Canada is a sparsely populated nation, immigration is the only suitable way to fulfil labour demand in Canada. Hence, Canada is always introducing new and attracting immigration policies to aspirants.


You can jump-start your immigration process with the Express Entry program or through any of the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) and apply for a job in Canada once you get permanent residency or simultaneously. Most employers prefer candidates with a PR visa in hand before they offer a job.


Now, let's see what jobs are in-demand in Canada for immigrants.


Jobs in-demand in Canada for immigrants


To get a job in Canada, you must check the profiles in-demand in the National Occupation Classification (NOC) list. Doing so will help you determine which province will be the best for you.


The following is a list of most popular and in-demand occupations in Canada in 2021:


1. Engineering Project Manager: Due to the growth in the manufacturing sector in provinces such as Ontario and Saskatchewan, the post of Engineering Project Manager comes under the highest paying jobs in Canada. You can try applying for both government and private ventures.


Remuneration: 75,000 $ CAD to 95,000 $ CAD


2. Software Engineers: For software engineers, Canada holds a tremendously great scope. This is what makes it the most in-demand job in Canada. Organizations dealing with innovations in technology need highly qualified software engineers to bring more business.


Remuneration: 80,000 $ CAD to 1,00,000 $ CAD


3. IT Project Manager: With over 1900 jobs openings, this position is thriving in Canada&339;s job market. Almost every organization requires an IT project manager and with relevant experience in the field, you grab the opportunity.


Remuneration: 85,000 $ CAD to 1, 15,000 $ CAD


4. Accountant and Accounts Manager: These profiles are considered as the most stable profiles in Canada. If you have experience in bookkeeping and willing to work as an accountant or accounts manager, then you can earn a handsome salary.


Remuneration: 65,000 $ CAD to 75,000 $ CAD


5. Sales Representative: It is one of the highest paying in-demand jobs in Canada. If you have relevant experience in the sales field and you are good at convincing and communicating with others, then you can apply for this position. Over 9000 openings for Sales Representative jobs are available for new immigrants in the banking sector making it into top job profiles in Canada.


Remuneration: 52,000 $ CAD to 64,000 $ CAD


6. Business Analyst: This stream in the Canadian market has undergone an upward swing in recent years. The profile of business analyst requires experience in technology, innovation and managerial attributes.


Remuneration: 72,000 $ CAD to 86,000 $ CAD


7. Nurses: Canada pays highly to individuals who are well-read in the field of medicine. Mostly, nurses are hired for elderly programs which Canada sponsors to aid its senior population. Due to this, the demand for professionals in the medical sector is witnessing a significant rise.


Remuneration: 35 to 40 $ CAD per hour


8. Hoteliers: Due to its breathtaking landscapes, Canada witnesses a surge in tourists every year. Therefore, more and more hotels and restaurants are in need of skilled professionals from the hospitality industry. This makes it one of the high demand jobs in Canada. If you work in a hotel or restaurant, then Canada can be the land of opportunities for you.


Remuneration: 14 to 19 $ CAD per hour


9. Vocational Instructors: Canada has a hunger for skill. There is a tremendous need for qualified vocational instructors in a skilled, advanced education, and the curriculum of your choice.


Remuneration: 35 $ CAD per hour


10. French Language Trainers: Most of the Canadian population is comprised of immigrants. Despite being fluent in the English language, some jobs in Canada require fluency in the French language also. Therefore, working as a French language trainer can be a cup of tea for you.


Remuneration: 12 to 16 $ CAD per hour


11. Apps and Website Developer: The individuals with skills, passion and expertise in technology, building websites and smartphones apps can enjoy great remuneration as a developer in Canada. these profiles require a high skill set in computer programming, which makes it one of the highest paying jobs in Canada.


Remuneration: 15 to 18 $ CAD per hour


Immense working opportunities in Canada


Canada is one of the strongest nations in the world. Its economy has already started to heal from the ill effects of coronavirus pandemic. The Maple country produces thousands of job opportunities every year. Most of the vacancies are dependent on the immigrants, that's why the Canadian government keeps immigration on the top priority.


If you don't find your profile in the above-mentioned list, don't worry because this is not it. Check for your occupation in the National Occupation Code list. The above list can work as a reference for the high in-demand jobs in Canada.


You can double your chances to land a job in Canada if you hire an immigration consultant. They can guide you and hand-pick the best suitable job opportunity for you.


Find the job of your dreams with Aspire's services


Aspire world immigration provides job assistance to anyone who seeks expert opinion. We are among leading overseas and abroad job consultancy in Delhi. We aid you in finding a good opportunity overseas. Our job assistance team is efficient in floating your resume and getting you prepared for the interview. Whether it's about jobs in Canada or in any part of the world, our robust application helps you find out great opportunities around the world.

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