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Highest paying jobs in Canada in 2021

Highest Paying Jobs In Canada In 2021


Are you looking for some highest paying jobs in Canada? If you are moving to Canada on a PR visa, then knowing what job can pay the most is a part of your moving process.


Of course, Canada offers an array of jobs for Indian skilled labourers. However, finding a profession that suits your work experience and education credentials is significant for getting paid well. You can find a plethora of jobs in the mining, agricultural, chemical, accounting, healthcare and hospitality sectors. Most openings are in the service sector, but if you want to move to the manufacturing and construction sector, Canada is your best option.


To ease your struggle, here's a list of the highest paying jobs in Canada in 2021.


1. Doctor (Surgeons)


Canada's healthcare system is among the best healthcare services in the world. However, if we see the data released by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Canada is facing a shortage of surgeons for its population. It was further indicated that only 2.8 per cent of surgeons are available for 1000 people. Therefore, there is going to be many jobs for surgeons in Canada.


To be eligible for the position, you should have obtained a degree in medicine and five years residency program. A surgeon's annual pay is 340,000 CAD on average.


2. Engineers


Engineers feed the obsession with technology by creating websites, mobile apps, business programming, and everything else that runs on code. So it should come as no surprise that engineers are one of the most highly prized professions. Indeed, the technology sector is the fastest-growing in Canada. Even though professionals of all stripes are in high demand, full-stack programmers who understand programming by heart are the most in-demand.


To be eligible for this position, you must have an engineering degree and relevant experience in the field. An engineer's annual salary is 200,000 CAD on average.


3. Marketing Manager


Marketing managers are responsible for maintaining and enhancing the brand value of their products/services. They create campaigns and strategies to increase brand awareness. This position requires an MBA, preferably from a Canadian university. It can be the most lucrative job for a professional well equipped in internet marketing. Technology advancements have made the marketing field the most desired one. So, if you are a marketer and want to showcase your skills in a foreign country, Canada can be your home.


A marketing manager should expect to receive between 190 and 195,000 CAD per year.


4. Nurse or care-givers


Canada's elderly population is growing, and the human services division is currently short-staffed. This is in response to an immediate need for medical experts, including nurses and medical caregivers. Registered attendants can help fill gaps in Canada's human services system by providing general assistance to patients, assisting experts, and ensuring patients receive a state of care.


A Nurse's annual salary is 104,000 CAD on average.


5. Utility Manager


A utility manager, often known as a public services operator, is in charge of the maintenance and operation of the facilities that provide water treatment, waste collection, and water delivery to a specific city. According to the government, there will be 32,500 new job openings for managers in utilities through 2024, with just 28,900 job seekers to fill them. This bodes well for opportunities. However, before you can advance, you must first gain experience as a supervisor.


A service manager's average salary is about $112,000, with a wide range depending on the type of utility and municipality you administer.


6. Scientific research manager


Scientific research managers have the responsibility of overseeing scientific experiments and evaluating their outcomes. They are primarily in charge of research activities, data collection and analysis, and data processing to validate hypotheses. A bachelor's degree in finance, human resources, or general manager is required for candidates applying for a position as a research and development manager. A career as a research and development manager necessitates 1-2 years of work experience.


In Canada, the average salary for a scientific research manager is $140,423 per year and $68 per hour.


7. Public Administration Director


Directors of public administration administer vast branches of government agencies, overseeing that policies and projects are carried out. This includes supervising program creation, budget monitoring and preparation, and recruiting and training personnel. Prospects in this field are highly reliant on the services on which they are centred. Governments build and slash programs depending on priority, budget, and which political party is in power, making certain positions less secure than others.


A bachelor's degree in social science, law, or business administration is required, as well as several years of professional experience.


The average salary is over $100,000, allowing it one of the best paying positions in the federal bureaucracy, with a 17 per cent rise in salaries over the last five years.


8. Mining and Quarrying Supervisor


Mine supervisors supervise and coordinate mining and quarrying operations in mines and quarries. They are in charge of staff, work schedules, procedures, and management. Mining is essential to the Canadian economy; according to the Mining Association of Canada, the industry is responsible for about 19 per cent of the value of Canadian products exports every year. People are flocking to the career, resulting in a 38 per cent increase in employee growth over the last five years.


You must have completed high school, and certain advanced positions would require you to complete a degree program in mining or engineering. It's common to spend several years in the roles you'll be supervising before moving on. The average salary for this job is $72,800, with a pay rise of 12.9 per cent over the last five years.


9. Dentists


Dentists have excellent job opportunities in Canada. The government predicts that as the Canadian aging population grows, demand for dental professionals will rise too. This occupation is currently eligible under the Express Entry immigration system through the Federal Skilled Worker Program visa Canada permanent resident visa.


An average full-time annual salary for this profession ranges between $150,000 and $300,000.


10. Construction Managers


Construction managers are responsible for any or more of the following tasks: planning, organizing, directing, controlling, and evaluating construction projects from start to finish following schedules, requirements, and budgets. Estimate and apply design project budgets.


In 2019, the average salary for Construction Managers was $95,260. The highest-paid quarter earned $126,040 that year, while the lowest-paid quarter earned $71,900.

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