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Complete Guide To Learn German Language

"Learning another language is not only learning different words for the same things but learning another way to think about things." - Flora Lewis

You know, we don't really think much before buying clothes for us or any other thing or maybe even booking for the last minute foreign trip. Because we love to be spontaneous, but then there are some things that call for planning and structure.

Like learning a new language, though some people just take up a language course as their casual and free time language studies. But if you want to go from beginner to fluent in a reasonable amount of time, you'll need to adapt some unique study methods and daily dedication including choosing the right German learning institute in Delhi.

No foreign language is easy, but if you have opted to learn the German language then come aboard, our five-step German learning guide will show you how to learn German in a most effective way possible.

If you are an English speaker, learning German is not that hard! Both are drawn from the same Germanic roots. The German language is a good choice for a foreign language for many reasons.

"Guten Tag" Good Day!

Firstly, what German skill needs your attention?

  • The ability to read, understand, write and speak a language is the measures of fluency. Each of them is subject to the grammatical rules of the language.
  • As you move forward in your German learning journey, you'll need to memorize the rule of German grammar. Also, when to use them when writing and speaking.

The steps below will help you to get fluent in the German language in a most engaging way.

Step 1: Create a personalized German Phrasebook

Why? I believe you'll focus on learning German vocabulary that's relevant to you and your life, you'll have greater success with the language, mainly because words relevant to yourself are definitely the words you'll be using often.

Grab a notebook and write "my German Phrasebook" on the cover and get started! In this notebook, you're going to record all the German phrases that you need to know to talk about yourself such as where you live, the work you do and your goals for the future.

You'll forget the idea of buying a German phrasebook as this step will prove to be far more useful to you. Some of the phrases are listed below that could be useful to you:
  • Hello
  • My name is...
  • What is your name?
  • Nice to meet you
  • Goodbye

Step 2: Add a Rich German Reading Diet to Your Routine

Start reading in regularly in German. It may sound intimidating, especially for beginners, but it is one of the best ways to engage with the language and become familiar with its patterns. Your mind will naturally begin to recognize German sentence structure and verb conjugation rules. Learn German Language Easily with this step.

Where to Start with German Reading?

Take two copies of a book- one in German and one in your native language.

Amateurs should move chapter by chapter depending on your language skills. Start with the English version and then read in German (along with a German dictionary) and look for cognates and write down the words that appear repeatedly.

If you already have a base, start reading German to get a feel for what you can pick up and then the English version to clarify/check your understanding.

Once you get more comfortable, read a German translation of a familiar book

Familiarity with a book which you have already read can help you understand the plot of the story well in the German language. It will be an easy task for you to translate the English version of your book into the German language.

Step 3: Submerge yourself in German Media

Now that you have started reading books in the German language, its time to start consuming as much as real media as you can. Some learners tend to ignore this step, but you are not going to this!
  • Find a show in the German Language
  • Read German news every day
  • Listen to German radio
  • Watch videos on YouTube

If you want to take this learning method to another level, check out Aspire word immigration - an innovative platform that transforms authentic German videos into language learning experiences. AWICS takes real-world videos and turns them into personalized German Language Classes.

Step 4: Join the German Language Classes

Learning from the experts will polish your German skills for which you have prepared so hard. Opt for a German language classes in Delhi with a reputation in the market. German experts can guide you more clearly than learning the German language by yourself.

Step 5: Hangout with the German study mates

Conversing with a study mate will increase your speaking skills and will give a boost to your confidence. A great way to study! Other students can help you with new tricks and study tips to learn the German Language Better.

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