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How can you get your first International job?

International Job


International jobs are the best way to broaden your corporate experience. It not only exposes you to the international job market but also enhances your living experience.


If you are applying for your first international job, you are not alone. Most of the skilled professionals are already in the pursuit of finding global opportunities around the world. Because the international job market has a lot to offer and people are ready with their bags packed to take off.


Why is working abroad the new normal?


Working overseas isn't just a fantastic opportunity, it can also open doors to great perspectives around the world. Your language abilities will skyrocket, and your cross-cultural abilities will also increase. Moreover, you can also provide better education and health facilities to your family. In a nutshell: if you get a chance to work abroad - go for it!


We've put together some of the most frequently suggested things from our fellow international job seekers to remember to land your first international job.


1. Know your work visa and work permit options


All your dreams of working abroad will eventually depend on your work visa or work permit. So, your first step should be to figure out what documents you're going to need to legally move to another country - and what is required to do to get those documents. The whole process of acquiring a work visa and work permit requires time, efforts and money. You must learn various immigration rules and requirements to get it done on time.


You may take the help of top overseas job consultants in India. Their expertise in the visa and immigration process can help you get your first international job.


2. Build Language Skills


Thinking of Canada immigration? Learn French. Not only you will increase your CRS scores, but you will also be open to more language-specific opportunities. Similarly, learn German language if you are looking for a job in Germany. If you know how to communicate, you can easily land an international job. Because international recruiters favour those applicants the most who are well versed in their native language.


Besides, language skills can provide you with an edge over other applicants applying for the same post. It also eliminates the possibility of miscommunication in your new job abroad. Furthermore, by connecting with a community beforehand, you can easily integrate into the new country if you know its native language.


3. Make yourself visible to international recruiters


You are likely to face huge competition when applying for an overseas job. You will be competing with highly skilled candidates from around the world. This is why it is essential to make your profile more visible to international recruiters.


Here's how you can stand out:


Exhibit leadership experience: leadership is a highly regarded soft skill that all employers look for in a candidate. Try volunteering for a job role in your current employment that requires leadership qualities to lead a project.


Expand your network: connecting with people from your industry can make you look more approachable in the eyes of international employers. You can join any professional association or be a part of networking events and more for the same. You can ensure your marketability by mentioning these crucial facts in your resume/cover letter.


4. Personalize your cover letter/resume


Personalizing your resume according to your achievements provides clarity to employers. This can make you stand out among other applicants. Focus mainly on highlighting your strengths, convey your wish to work with them and mention soft skills that you are good in.


Re-writing resume by highlighting the following keywords and adding the most relevant skills related to the position you're applying:

  • Personal statement
  • Education
  • Employment history
  • Skills, certifications and credentials

You can use your personal statement as an elevator pitch to attract recruiter's attention to your application. Take the opportunity to explain why you are an ideal candidate for this job, including your wish to settle abroad.


5. Jumpstart your overseas job search


Once you've decided on the country, learnt about your visa and work permit options, developed language skills and re-written your resume, you can start applying to international jobs on various job portals. You can also consult with overseas job consultants if you are finding difficulty in locating a lucrative opportunity for yourself. Once you've found an ideal position in your dream country, check what others have to say about the company on business forums.


Apply for your first international job with us


If you're prepared to launch your career abroad, connect with Aspire world immigration and find the right assistance in finding overseas jobs of your dreams. We provide job assistance to those seeking an international opportunity. Our job assistance service includes:


Need overseas job assistance? Talk to us. We offer job assistance for over 25 countries. Whether it's about Canada immigration or Malta, we know it all.

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