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Get Canada PR with Express Entry Easily

Get Canada PR with Express Entry Easily


Aspirants for Canada PR can become permanent residents of Canada in just a few months through the Express Entry system.


It is not an immigration program. It is a complete online system, where the skilled candidates profiles are assessed and managed based on their profile for Canada permanent residence status. All federal and several provincial economic programs come under Express Entry.


Express Entry was first introduced in 2015, since then it has gained popularity among skilled workers around the world to move to Canada.


According to the Canada Immigration Level Plans, over 90,000 aspirants will acquire Canadian permanent residence through the Express Entry system between the year 2020-2022.


How Canada Express Entry System Works?


Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) launched the Express Entry system to process and manage the applications obtained through federal economic immigration programs of Canada for skilled workers.


It is a highly competitive system which ranks all eligible applicants against each other and then releases Invitation to Apply (ITAs) to the best ranking applicants to apply for Canada Permanent Residence status.


Candidates are awarded points based on their education, age, work proficiency, language abilities and many other factors. The higher you score, the closer you get to receiving an (ITA), Invitation to Apply for Canada permanent residency.


Generally, Canada PR applications received through the Express Entry are processed within 6 to 12 months. So, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of this popular and the most successful path to your immgration to Canada. Opportunistic individuals wishing to move and settle in Canada with their families can become permanent residents of Canada within a few months.


Immigration Programs Covered By Express Entry System


The following immigration programs fall under the Express Entry System:
1. Federal Skilled Worker Program
2. Federal Skilled Trades Program
3. Canada Experience Class
4. Selected Streams of Provincial Nominee Program


Why Did Canada Introduce Express Entry?


Canada introduced the Express Entry system in 2015 to replace the ''first-come, first-served'' agenda with a system that selects candidates with the best abilities to contribute to the economic success of the nation. This aggressive migration framework showed the world how to run a flexible and fluid economic immigration system.


This system enabled the Canadian government to respond to market and economic changes in a highly productive manner.


Since 2015, the system has introduced two major changes in the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS):


First change was introduced in November 2016. In which, points for Canadian education credentials were added and the points for an employment offer were reduced.


Second change was introduced in June 2017. In which, additional points for proficiency in the French language and points for siblings in Canada were added.


Today, the registration for Job Bank has also become optional.


Can You Apply for Quebec Through the Express Entry?


No, the Express Entry is not applicable in Quebec. However, the province has recently inaugurated its own version of the Express Entry system.


Quebec's Expression of Interest was first introduced in August 2018. It works likewise the Express Entry system. Applicants with the highest in an Expression of Interest Bank will receive an invitation to apply for a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ).


Express Entry Program: Eligibility


The Express Entry program evaluates applicants based on their profile. The main objective of this program is to identify candidates who possess the highest skills and can easily immigrate to Canada. You need to score a minimum score of 67 points out of 100 to be eligible for the Express Entry program. The maximum points scale is 1200. This system evaluates both you and your spouse (if any) in the process. The factors responsible to prove your worthiness are:


✔ Age
✔ Education
✔ Language Skills
✔ Online Registration CAD
✔ Work Experience
✔ Canadian Work Experience
✔ Adaptability
✔ Skill Transferability
✔ Other Factors


Advantages of the Express Entry System


As mentioned above, the Express Entry system is the most popular way to get Canada PR. However, there is much to know about this program and how it is beneficial for you. Therefore, We have laid out some of the most promising advantages of the Express Entry system below:


✔ The Express Entry system is transparent. As the program runs online, candidates can keep a check on the progress of their application at any time.
✔ Applicants are always informed of the median score required to qualify for ITA. Moreover, if they fail to acquire the required CRS score, they can always find ways to improve it.
✔ Once getting their CRS scores, candidates can work on the sections that require attention such as gaining additional work experience, get more points on language ability tests or look for a provincial nomination.
✔ Candidates nominated under Provincial Nominee Program are awarded additional 600 points.
✔ Applicants with siblings living in Canada or a job offer are eligible for additional points.


Step Wise Guide to Apply for Express Entry Program


Step 1. Generate Your Express Entry Profile


You will need to create an online Express Entry profile. It will include details about your work experience, age, education, language skills, etc. after that, your profile will be scores based on your credentials. If your profile qualifies and earns required points, you must submit your profile for further process. This will be added in the Express Entry pool.


Step 2. Educational Credentials Assessment


Get your Educational Credentials Assessment or ECA done. The ECA assesses your educational qualification done outside Canada and proves that it is equivalent to the Canadian educational system.


Step 3. Language Proficiency Test


Complete the language proficiency tests. To qualify you need to score a minimum of 6 bands in IELTS. Your scores should not be more than two years old at the time of application. If you know French then take the Test d'evaluation de Francais (TEF) to get additional points.


Step 4. Comprehensive Ranking System


Calculate your CRS score. Your profile gets selected for the Express Entry pool if you acquire the required CRS score.


Step 5. Invitation to Apply (ITA)


After getting placed in the Express Entry pool, you will get an Invitation to Apply (ITA) from the Federal government of Canada after which you can go ahead with your Canada Permanent Residency.


How Aspire World Immigration Can Help?


Aspire World Immigration Consultancy Services LLP is the best visa immigration consultants in Delhi. Our transparent process and expert opinion ensure your success in the immigration to Canada. We provide assistance in:


✔ Online application form filling
✔ Education Assessment
✔ Documentation
✔ Guidance on important document requirements
✔ IELTS training/guidance support
✔ Self declaration templates
✔ Cover letter/reference letter templates


Moreover, we provide assistance services for jobs abroad or jobs in Canada. We provide IELTS coaching to the candidates. We help you entirely to make your application stronger and unbeatable during the process. Connect with the best visa consultants in India to double your chances to move to Canada.


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