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German language courses in Delhi

There are many profound German language courses in Delhi. Some of the institutes also provide for online classes. Learning German is not hard anymore due to the advent of such classes. Proficient and certified German experts teach you in the most convincing manner. And, within a few years, you become fluent in this western language.

However, going to an institution is not enough to learn any new language. You have to show dedication, passion and devote time in this regard. If you have made your mind to learn German, then it is important to have a brief idea about the various courses. Take a look.

Courses based on learning levels

Different institutions have different courses. However, most German language institute in Delhi follows a universal pattern. They divide the entire course on the basis of learning levels. The learning levels range from A to C with subdivisions under them. For instance, level A has two subgroups; level A1 and A2. The other 2 levels also follow a similar pattern. The levels are programmed keeping in mind the learning potential of the learners. The following section will provide a deeper insight into the different categories. Keep reading.


At this level, you will be to understand and use easy and simple everyday expressions. You will also be able to introduce yourself and answer simple questions in German.


You can now slowly be able to express opinions in simple sentences. You would also be able to understand German sentences. Events related to everyday life can be expressed with ease. Level 2 will help you strengthen the knowledge that you have grasped at the 1 st level. Thereby, preparing you for the 2nd level.


Grammar is introduced at this level. The focus now will shift to topics such as school, past time, etc. You will be able to respond to your teachers and understand their instruction when spoken to you in German.


This is the transition phase from simple to complex. Core grammar is introduced. You will be taught to comprehend the complex contents. Abstract topics will be discussed. One-to-one dealings will transform into the discussion.


This is the Advanced level aimed to make you proficient in German. You have to clear both the Basic and Intermediate Levels to come to this higher and tougher level. Expressing yourself will become spontaneous and fluent.


This is the final level. Once you reach here, you have already achieved mastery over German. You can effortlessly talk, comprehend, write in grammatically sound and fluent German. Here you will be able to imbibe the German context within your heart and soul. And, congratulations you have successfully studied and acknowledged a foreign language.

Find the Best German Language Institute Near you

To find the best German learning institute in Delhi among so many others is challenging. However, with a little help from the internet, it isn’t that hard. All the best.

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