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Tips to Find Genuine Visa immigration Consultants in India

Tips to Find Genuine Visa immigration Consultants in India


Thousands of Indians fly overseas in search of exciting new opportunities. Most of them wish to live a luxurious life, earn handsomely, and become permanent residents or citizens of their dream country. And, some hope for a high standard of education for a better future. But they all have a goal in common, to immigrate legally with no hurdles in their visa process.


The need to acquire a visa for the country of their choice drives most aspirants towards trusting any visa consultants they connect with. They easily fall prey on the fake promises made by fraudulent immigration consultants without even realising it. Besides being misinformed, many foreign aspirants are mostly unaware of several immigration policies which turns the table into the fake consultant's favour.


Several visa immigration consultants in India are just after your money. They trick you into surrendering a huge amount of your hard-earned money for services that are mere fake promises. Therefore, it is crucial to have certified visa immigration consultants by your side during the entire visa process.


But many wonder how to find genuine visa immigration consultants in India ?


In this case, all you need to know is what questions you should ask the visa immigration consultants to determine their authenticity.


Question 1: how long have you been in this business?


The visa consultant will answer in terms of:  

  • Tenure of their license
  • Past immigration experience
  • Services they specialize in
  • Types of clients they have encountered.

If they have experience in processing cases like yours, then ask them:

  • How long usually a process takes?
  • What kind of issues might you face?
  • What can be the possible outcomes?

Question 2: I was denied a visa once, can you help me get it this time?


Make sure your visa consultant knows all about your past visa processes and refusals. This information is crucial to devise a new strategy for not getting rejected again. If your visa consultants provide a shady comeback, then refuse to continue further with the process.


Question 3: what are the services you will provide?


Your immigration and visa consultant should provide you with a contract that states:

  • Process information
  • What services they will offer
  • Payment structure
  • Refund policies

Make sure you read the legal agreements carefully before proceeding further with the application. Be wary of hidden clauses and payments in the agreement.


Question 4: who is my assigned case manager?


If you find anything suspicious or anything that is not clear to you, ask your immigration consultant to shed some light over it. Generally, apart from your visa consultant, a case manager is assigned to each applicant. This person is responsible for taking your application process further.


In this case, you must know the following things:

  • Your main contact
  • Case managers
  • Other immigration consultants
  • People working on your profile
  • Their roles and responsibilities

Question 5: can you help me find a job?


Some visa agencies promise jobs in Canada in return for a huge amount. Getting a job in Canada depends on many factors. Employers around the world take account of several things that determine your employability. Only after due consideration, a candidate gets selected. Any recruiter cannot promise you a sure-shot job in any foreign country. Moreover, they can never charge you for extra money for the job.


Your potential employer may need to request an application for a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). In this scenario, once accepted, the LMIA will be sent to the Visa Consultants along with your Canada work visa application.


Question 6: what happens if I don't want to proceed further with the agreement? Will I get my money and documents back?


As we discussed this before, always read the refund policies carefully before proceeding further. Your visa consultant will mention all refund related policies in the agreement itself. You may get your money if you cancel the process but only a few percentages of the total amount.


In general:

  • If your application has been filed successfully and you are awaiting the result, then a refund may not seem reasonable.
  • If it's not submitted, you could ask for a refund amount mentioned in the agreement.

The Immigration Consultant must return your original documents and provide any details you will need to proceed with your application.


Question 7: why are you charging a more expensive fee?


Fees can be influenced by factors such as years of expertise, several working hours devoted to your file, the difficulty of your case or the need for additional professional services.


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