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Best French Language Courses in Delhi

In India most people are bi-lingual. They happen to know their mother tongue as well as Hindi. The educated ones also know English. If you are at the verge of extending your linguistic count, French is a good option. You would come across multiple French language courses in Delhi. Completing a French language course will open new doors of opportunities for you. Especially, if you have plans to settle down in the USA or Canada, learning French will prove very helpful. Read the article to know more about proficient French courses.

Why should you choose French?

There are around 200 million people across the globe that know, speak and write in French. It comes in 3 rd place as the most studied language in the world after English. As you can see the popularity and demand for learning French is on the rise. If you are able to speak French you get the extra brownie point amongst your peers. Nevertheless, it makes you the centre of attraction; all thanks to the cool quotient of the French language. Knowing the third most popular language is indeed a matter of pride. So, what are you waiting for? Get admission in the best French language institute in Delhi and grab all attention.

Best Ways to Learn French

If you are able to imbibe the context of French, you are on the right track. Delhi is home to many institutes teaching different foreign languages. Every institute offers different packages depending on the level of the students. You can choose from a wide range of choices as per your requirement. The classes differ on the basis of apprehension power of the students, and time that they can devote. The following section shows the different types of courses available. Take a look.

  • Crash Course
  • Complete Beginners
  • Intermediate level
  • Advance Level
  • Independent Level

For fresher’s and beginners, the best course will be the basic course. The total duration of the crash course is approximately 162 hours. Once, you have grasped a good base you can move ahead with the Intermediate level. The intermediate will train you for the Advanced levels. After successful completion of the last level, you will be promoted to the Independent level. The total duration is approximately 270 hours and is strictly for learners of the advanced level. The last and most difficult level is the Proficient or Independent Level. You have to continue classes for around 262 hours. At the end of the last level, you shall achieve mastery and command over French. The fee structures of the courses are directly proportional to the level. The higher the level, the greater will be the course fee.

Say ‘Salut’ to French

It is time to say Hi to the 3rd most popular language, French from your hometown. The accomplished French learning institute in Delhi will help you learn and explore the language to its roots. Hence, find the best institute today and learn French from the experts. Till then ‘Bonjour.’

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