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Find Your Dream Job In Australia

find job in australia


Finding a job in Australia as an international student/foreigner may seem quite overwhelming. Save time and learn what the local rules are and get practical advice!


Irrespective of the job type - part-time/full-time, it is highly essential to get a good understanding of the professional career environment you aspire to, in Australia. Every career is different and so are their requirements in terms of qualification, experience, academic record, social service, extra curriculum, etc., and it is essential to have a good understanding of what it takes to be prepared to secure a professional role. Qualifications and Skills Recognition


Before you land a good job opportunity, we as overseas job consultants would like to help you be aware of some of the requirements you need to meet!


Health-Related Checkup & Vaccination


Visit a hospital and inform them about your plan to go to Australia, the doctor would suggest a set of tests required for the documentation of a completed health examination along with the required vaccination plan. You can also refer to health exam requirements.


English Language Proficiency


Applicants overseas are required to take the IELTS test. (8 bands or more = 20 points approximately). Demonstrate your English proficiency and also check out for some fluency classes to make things work there, in Australia.


Documenting The Expression Of Interest


An Expression of Interest (EOI) is a way of expressing your interest to migrate to Australia with a skilled visa. This is necessary to apply for certain Australian work visas. The assessment will help you qualify to live and work in Australia.


When your skills and qualities match the requirements of an Australian employer or agency, you will be invited to Australia for work. This is necessary for points-tested visas and also available for an employer-sponsored visa. Australia Skill Select


The Visa


Australia provides two main visa types.


The employer-sponsored visa allows employers in Australia to sponsor skilled-based labour to meet their organization necessities, hence, they will be sponsoring your visa. It also allows you to explore employment options with Australian employers, in case they may need your skills.


The Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189) of points-tested stream requires you to take a suitable skill assessment test based on the professional or business requirements in order to deem the application as valid. You will need to provide a copy of this skills assessment with your application.


Some Tips To Make This Work!

  • Gain some work experience/professional degree while applying. This will give you an added advantage.
  • Prepare & apply for suitable jobs with a tailored cover letter and resume. Ensure to customize it to showcase your relevancy for the selected role. Ensure your application includes all essential keywords along with correct accurate information. Don't forget to highlight your skills and experiences with respect to the job description.
  • The visa process of Australia may seem daunting and complex, don't worry, it is normal. For more detailed guidance and information, get in touch with the best Australia immigration consultants.
  • For immigration information, check out the Australian government's website.
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